How to selfishly profit off the misery of others

I plan to keep spitting out happiness tips for the rest of the week until you’re all rocking Joker smiles.

This next one is gonna be a hard pill to swallow for all the millennials and zoomers addicted to posting selfies on ig.

But another simple secret to increasing your happiness baseline is to stop acting like such a fu*king narcissist.

In other words, to start putting time and energy into helping others and adding value to their lives – especially those who are really struggling.

Making a positive difference in someone else’s life is a proven way to combat anxiety and depression, while also raising your sense of self-worth. And it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort.

13 years ago, I decided to make it my life’s mission to start helping as many people as possible, in every way I could think of. And I know for sure that the path I chose has massively contributed to my overall life satisfaction.

Even though I frequently work 15-hour days alone in front of my computer, it rarely feels like “work.” I actually get energized thinking about all the people who will benefit from my books, emails, videos, coaching, etc.

(I also get excited thinking about all the trolls who send in hate mail, the 1-star product reviews from angry feminists, and the army of 12 year olds who call me a douchebag on youtube. If it wasn’t for me, they’d all be bored out of their minds.)

Now, if your current job doesn’t offer you a similar sense of purpose, there’s no need to flip off your boss and start your own goofy youtube channel. Just look for ways to give back in your spare time.

You might choose to volunteer for your local church, offer fr-ee tutoring or mentoring to students, or pick up some groceries for an elderly neighbor.

Start thinking about all the ways you can be of service and you’ll eventually find a niche for yourself that gives you a level of satisfaction a “job” never could.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received is a message that’s commonly spouted by airy-fairy spiritual types:

“We are all connected.”

And whether or not this is actually true, I promise you that acting as IF this were true will greatly improve the quality of your life in all areas.

In fact, this statement is second only to the greatest slice of wisdom ever bestowed upon me by my late grandfather, which is:

“Jay, it’s never too late to stop acting like a di*khead.”

Noted. I’ll start tomorrow.

Wish me luck. And stay tuned…


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