How to effortlessly dodge bullets like an absolute boss

Another mindset shift that’ll have a huge impact on your daily mood is the belief in a benevolent higher power who always has your back.

In the hypnosis world, we know that “what’s expected tends to be realized.” In other words, our beliefs govern our perception of reality.

It’s also highly likely that our beliefs influence the actual events that happen to us.

Without getting all metaphysical, let’s just assume this is true.

And if so, then it would be incredibly useful to believe that everything that happens works in our favor in some way (including seemingly “negative” events).

For example, if I’m late to the airport and miss my flight, the first thought I have is…

“Betcha the baby I’d be sitting next to would have been screaming his head off for 7 hours straight. Dodged a bullet right there.”

This belief system is the complete opposite of the “black cloud over my head” mindset. And whether you tell yourself that you’re an incredibly lucky individual, have a guardian angel watching over you, or you’re living in a computer simulation that’s more fun than a Playstation 5, the results will be the same.

You’ll eventually start noticing that everything seems to consistently work out in your favor. Many bullets will be effortlessly dodged.

And you’ll be a lot happier, as a result.

You might even find yourself gifted with a new nickname.

If you’re having trouble formulating this belief, start looking for evidence from your life that supports it.

I’m sure you can find many challenging experiences from your past that nearly leveled you at the time. But here you are, still standing, which means you made it through all of them.

In fact, looking back on them now, you might also be able to see some of the positive benefits that resulted from those experiences. And if not, then look more closely for the lessons and resources because there are always positives to be found.

Start reframing every experience that’s ever happened (along with the ones that WILL happen) as advantageous in some way, and your happiness baseline will jump up dramatically.

Go test it out and let me know how it goes.

More coming tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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