How to use “ugly movie star game” to fascinate beautiful girls

Yesterday was “photo shoot day.” It’s one of my least favorite days, trumped only by “root canal day” and “proctocolectomy day.”

I’d much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. But since it’s time to update the website, I reached out to a well-known photographer to help me look semi-presentable.

And while the shoot was a certainty a miserable experience for me, it was far more exhausting for HER, since she’s not used to working with anyone who’s not a legit model or celeb.

About an hour in, the poor, exasperated women tried her darnedest to coach me in her broken English, which sounded something like this:

“Jay… smile or no smile. No in-between. No, that’s too much smile. Too sweet. You look like girl. Change your face. No, that look too serious. Your face stupid again. I don’t like. Fix face.”

And on it went for hours until I started pouting like an infant being force-fed strained peas.

But regardless of whether or not I get any usable pics, the knowledge bomb she eventually dropped made it all worthwhile.

“Jay, you need to send energy with your eyes. When I shot Brody (the actor Adrien Brody) in Turkey, I will tell you that he is not nice-looking man. Not good looking at all. But when he looks at you with eyes, he sends energy that captivates. All you see is that beauty shining from them. You don’t notice nothing else.”

I’m not sure what Brody does exactly, but I would guess that he puts himself in a playful state and imagines he’s looking at the most fascinating person (or camera lens) in the world.

And this will make the person in front of him feel appreciated and desired, which can be intoxicating.

It makes senses that A-list actors have the ability to captivate anyone who looks in their direction, even if they’re not particularly good looking.

But this is something anyone can learn and master.

We know from our hypnosis studies that we can easily transmit emotions to our subjects by first going into the state we want to elicit ourselves. When you’re in a rapport with someone, they will often start to sense and feel whatever you’re feeling.

It’s much easier to do this when you have a willing subject already in trance. But with a little practice, you’ll be able to have the same captivating effect outside of your hypnosis sessions.

And if you’d rather leapfrog over the learning curve, why not offer to show a sexy female your Mindvana magic and then “cheat” your way to similar results by dropping suggestions like…

“Whenever you look into my eyes, you feel those incredible feelings of happiness come right back.”


“Whenever I smile at you, you’ll feel appreciated, sexy and desired. And you’ll start to get incredibly curious about all the other things I’ll be showing you.”

When setting up triggers, it’s important to stay within the bounds of what your subject would consider “acceptable” and avoid suggesting anything they’re likely to reject.

“Whenever you look into my eyes, you’ll fall completely in love with me,” is way too much and near-guaranteed to bring up conscious resistance.

Take your time to create a solid foundation you can build on. And then you can start to give them feelings and sensations they’ve never experienced before, while cranking the intensity up to the stratosphere.

And all of these tactics just so happen to be taught in the Mindvana Home Study Course which you can scoop up right here:

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Ciao for now.


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