How Wonder Woman ended up on my casting couch

Last week, I mentioned that Gal Gadot will be making an appearance in my latest Mindvana trailer which drops tomorrow.

And since you might be curious how this all came about, I’ve decided to share the text conversation that led up to it:


GG: “Hi Jay! This is Gal! I’m reaching out because I’m a huge fan of your work and would love to participate in your next youtube video!”

JC: “So you want to use my incredibly popular, world-renowned channel to promote yourself and your mediocre movies? Send me 5 bitcoins and I’ll consider it.”

GG: “I totally understand and would love to pay you for the opportunity, but I’m having financial difficulties right now. Wonder Woman 2 didn’t do so well because the theaters were all closed and I…”

JC: “Jeez, you’re so whiny and negative. No wonder your movies suck. Don’t you know anything about the law of attraction?”

GG: “I love the law of attraction! If it wasn’t for my vision board, I would have never found myself on Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch!”

JC: “You too, huh?”

GG: “Sorry?”

JC: “Listen, I don’t think you’re a good fit for my project. I only work with beautiful girls, and, frankly, you’re a bit rough on the eyes. You’re also a terrible actress and a rather annoying human being. But to your credit, I did like you in Furious 7.”

GG: “Awww you’re so sweet, Jay! 😊 May I ask what you liked best about my role as Gisele?”

JC: “I liked that you died at the end.”

GG: “Oh. Umm…”

JC: “Look, I make really douchey videos, understand? So send me clips of your douchiest, most embarrassing on-screen moments and I’ll consider giving you a shot.”

GG: “OMG thank you for the opportunity, Jay! And may I please ask for one more favor? I’ve been having trouble o-gasming lately and I was hoping that you might…”

JC: “I gotta run.”


And that’s how this whiny wonder ended up in my latest trailer which drops Tuesday morning. Check your inbox tomorrow for the link.

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(Mop and bucket sold separately.)

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Ciao for now.


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