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In a shocking twist that nobody could have ever predicted, I finally started editing some long-overdue youtube videos.

After working on the Mindvana project 8 hours a day for 2 years straight, I desperately needed some time off. I can work like a madman for long stretches, but once I hit burnout, I’m toast.

It was like eating plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli on the daily for an entire year, and then trying not to feel nauseous just looking at it.

That’s how I’ve felt about Mindvana for a long time now. So I shelved everything for a while, as I waited for my long-lost inspiration to kick back in.

And when it finally showed up this past Monday, I immediately got started on a new youtube trailer that has the potential to be one of the douchiest videos I’ve ever released.

On top of being douchey to the max, it’s also quite the cinematic masterpiece. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) even makes an appearance as a special guest star.

I’ll probably have it posted early next week, but this isn’t the point of today’s rambling email. I guess I should probably get to that eventually.

So… as soon as I queued up my old videos, my nausea came back stronger than ever.

This time around, it wasn’t due to burnout. It was due to being shocked at how awful I was just a couple years back.

I’m literally cringing as I write this, because I’m thinking about the ridiculous things I’ve said, how goofy I acted during certain key moments, and how mediocre my overall approach was.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m being hard on myself. Most people who have seen the Mindvana project had nothing but positive feedback to give.

Objectively speaking, there are many good things about the videos. My original goal wasn’t to make myself look good, but to create a course that teaches guys how to get the exact same results that I do.

And, in that regard, I think I nailed it.

But man oh man, do my eyes hurt each time I load up Vegas Pro and start dissecting another douchey session video.

It’s painful. But this level of scathing self-criticism goes hand-in-hand with the creative process.

I remember reading an interview with Kirk Hammet (Metallica’s lead guitarist) where he explained how he still beats himself up over some of his earlier solos from the Kill Em All album (one of the most iconic metal albums of all time that started a whole new genre of music).

He’s one of the most accomplished metal musicians who’s ever picked up a guitar and still gets upset thinking about a solo he wrote when he was only 18.

So I guess it’s normal to be embarrassed about some of your past work. In fact, I would say it’s a GOOD thing, since it’s a sign that you’ve been leveling-up in the meanwhile.

After shelving the project, I’ve continued to conduct at least a few sessions each week (just for fun) and have improved dramatically in every possible way.

It’s gotten to the point where I can do a zoom session with a girl I met online, and it’ll inevitably lead to an invitation to come see her in-person.

It’s 9am as I write this and I have eight girls blowing up my phone already. I don’t have time to speak to them all, which means that many hearts will be broken by lunchtime.

But I wouldn’t be the heartless heartbreaker I am now had I not started my journey many years ago.

And had I not forced myself to put out my original douchey youtube videos. And had I not turned a personal experiment I was conducting for fun into the Mindvana project. And had I not kept pushing myself to test out new concept and approaches, instead of giving up out of frustration. And had I not…

In other words, if you want to get the same results, you need to start putting the work in, right now.

Just get started. And don’t ever stop.

You’ll have moments of frustration, along with days of kicking yourself for making stupid mistakes. You’ll certainly beat yourself up for not understanding things right away and might even start to believe you’re not smart enough to ever really get it.

But that’s all bullsh*t.

Ignore the lies you’ll tell yourself, since they come from that part of your mind that HATES frustration and would rather watch Netflix than struggle with learning something new.

Because after you push through all of that resistance, you’ll eventually reach the other side where things seem EFFORTLESS.

And when you get that knot in your stomach thinking about how silly you must have looked when first starting out, it’ll quickly give way to feelings of pride and immense gratitude as you look at the success you’ve achieved for yourself.

Anyhoo, it’s time for me to load up some new footage and get back to work.

If you’re new around these parts and curious to see what in God’s name I’ve been talking about…

…or if you aspire to break more hearts than Leo DiCaprio…

…then you can go start your journey right here:

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Ciao for now.


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