Mindvana updates and some crazy new vids

I have lots of good news today so let’s jump right in…

After working on the Mindvana project daily for the last 18 months – 540 freakin days in a row – I’m relieved to say it’s finally finished.

In all honestly, I thought I might never make it to the finish line. And I plan on celebrating this huge accomplishment by treating myself to another 17-hour work day.

Old habits die hard.

So, here’s what you need to know…

First off, we moved our content portal over to Teachable. If you’re an OG customer and haven’t received updated login details, shoot the team an email and we’ll get you sorted.

(If you purchased the 7-Day Quick Start Course in the past, make sure you log into Teachable to check out the new Quick Start bonuses I added. The Limitless track, alone, is life changing, if you apply the information.)

Next up, I decided to extend Mindvana an extra two months, so it’s now a 14-month program. Gold members have complimentary access to months 13 & 14, so you can log in right now and check out the new videos.

Mindvana Gold now unlocks fully on month #2 (no more drip feeding). If you were on the fence because of the wait times, this is no longer an issue.

Just be forewarned that it’s a BIG program. I recommend taking at least 6 months to work through all the content.

I added a lesson on “Energy Tapping” to week 25. Here’s why this is important…

You can use this technique to remove any resistance a subject has to going into trance, feeling pleasure, or anything else.

I didn’t use tapping in the Mindvana videos (because it’s time consuming), but I want everyone to learn it because it can get you past many of the roadblocks you might run into.

It’s also one of the best changework techniques to use on yourself. I highly recommend a daily tapping regimen.

Regarding the last few months of Mindvana…

I’ve saved some of my favorite sessions, along with the cutest girls, for last. (Some of my favorite sessions: Helena 4, Diany 1 and 2, Savannah 3, Ashlee 1)

You might notice that I started doing things a bit differently towards the end of the program.

For example, I started screening for subjects who were more likely to be compliant (to avoid girls like TC and Mara, and get more girls like Ashlee and Diany).

I also started treating the girls as if we were already dating, while pushing the envelope HARD, at the risk of coming on too strong.

All in the name of experimentation, of course. And let’s just say that some interesting things resulted.

Note: Please don’t ask me if I ended up dating any of these girls, because I’ll use the Bill Clinton defense, every time. 😉

I CAN report, however, that no accidental pregnancies resulted from my Mindvana-ing. Not a single womb was violated.

And I’m quite embarrassed about this.

As an aspiring cult leader, I’m well aware that I’m doing everything WRONG. But nobody’s perfect, so please forgive me.

Moving on…

Astute students will watch the bonus interview videos carefully, perhaps even transcribing them and memorizing the questions I used.

They’ll also pay close attention to how I primed the girls to get pumped about the process and look forward to having a great experience.

Can you use the same questions and sex-ual frames to get women excited to work with you, as well?

Yup, you sure can.

I also recommend studying the bonus video that covers sex-ual techniques and smoothly sealing the deal when you have a girl back at your place.

This vid has a section on turning your girl into a BJ queen who lives to please you. (It’s easy to do, once you understand the principles.)

Lastly, let’s talk about the Patrika video…

This is one of the craziest vids I’ve ever released. The “you’re a dude, now” skit is destined to be an instant classic.

It would go viral overnight but it’s too risqué for youtube, especially with all the censorship that’s been happening.

After watching, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The “hug-gasm” and the rest of the skits we did looked tame, compared to the way she experimented with her, um… equipment. Go check it out.

Ok, that about wraps it up. Lemme throw in some P.S.’s for good measure…

P.S. If you’re interested in working with me 1-on-1 to learn the Mindvana material as FAST as possible, then go sign up for Mindvana Platinum, which comes with 3 months of private lessons. I can only take on 2 more students at the moment, so grab your slot asap, if interested.

(If I have to add you to a wait list, I’ll refund your payment and reach out when a new slot opens up.)

P.P.S. As much as I need a 6-month vacation, I have lots planned for 2020. I want to write another book, finish my Seduction Mastery Coaching program, start up Mindvana 2.0, and hopefully father some illegitimate children. I’ll keep you posted so stay tuned…


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