Drinking coronas and freeeking out

Another day trapped in the house. This lockdown reminds me of a line from the very bestest flick of the 80’s:

“I’m here to chew bubble gum and wipe my ass. And I’m all out of toilet paper.”

Or something like that.

But yeah, the Corona panic has everyone losing their minds. People are straight flipping out.

Everyone but YOU, I hope, because you understand that life gets crazy sometimes, and stressing out over unknown variables only makes it harder to get through the day.

Yeah, it’s super tough, especially if you were just laid off, but you’re gonna pull through. We all are.

And to help take the edge off, I’m gonna hook you up with some TP for your dirty mind.

If you own the 7-Day Quick Start Course, then you’re familiar with my “Limitless” program, since I gave you track #1 as a free bonus.

There are 2 tracks in Limitless that focus on stress reduction and teach dozens of techniques to help you navigate challenging life situations.

And you can grab both tracks right now as a free gift from me. No opt-in necessary and nothing to buy.

Just click on the dropbox links below. Then click on the button that says “open” (top right on the dropbox page), then click on “download” (and save the files to your desktop).

Stress Reduction Track 1

Stress Reduction Track 2

You can use this info to help yourself (along with your friends and family) stay sane, as you ride out this crazy storm.

Speaking of which… since most of the world is trapped at home and losing their minds, why not start offering hypnosis sessions over webcam?

People are consuming copious amounts of po-rn and drugs to deal with the social isolation. You’d be doing them a huge favor, plus you’ll also benefit from getting in some practice time (and scoring some “good deed” karma points).

Even if all you do is put them in trance with an Elman induction and calm their racing minds, you’ll be helping them immensely. So go jump on this.

At the very least, take this time to work on improving yourself in all areas.

You should be reading books, working on a side biz, learning new skills, exercising (with bands), eating healthy (no takeout), and perfecting your headshots for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Or you can waste time on Facebook where the majority of “adults” are passing out electronic coloring books to help everyone WASTE THEIR F$(%ING LIVES AWAY.

Because I guess some wise man once said: “If you’re not sitting around waiting to die, then you’re not really living.”

Just kill me now, please.

Lastly, a lot of people have been asking about live trainings this year, but that won’t be possible for quite some time.

So I’m open to hosting some online workshops if there’s enough interest.

Let me know what topics you’re interested in and I’ll consider putting something together.

In the meantime, enjoy those tracks and stay safe.


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