One of the key kung fu secrets to dating beautiful women

Last night, as I took another beautiful girl through the Mindvana 2.0 protocol, we got into a discussion about some of the major mistakes guys make when approaching her.

To put things in perspective, this girl is smoking hot – possibly the most beautiful girl I’ve worked with so far (if you’re into the Kimmy K look).

When you take a girl like this out to eat, every dude in the place will be staring at her, your waiter will be up your ass, and the manager will come over 15 times to ask if everything’s ok.

She gets hit on multiple times a day, every day, by every male she comes into contact with. And when we started talking about some of the major mistakes guys make when interacting with her, she shared something you might find quite helpful:

“Most guys act weird around me, like they’re just not being themselves. I guess they get intimidated or whatever but girls can tell when a guy is acting different than how he really is and it’s such a turn-off. I feel grossed out in my belly and I just want to run away.”

When a man isn’t used to being around beautiful women, he’ll usually end up in a strange state of mind due to his brain telling him to “seduce this girl and make some babies” while having no idea what to do or say to make this happen.

And because he believes it’s now “go time” and he needs to DO something, he starts acting in a way that this girl (and every other girl) considers to be “weird.”

One of the first things that beautiful women screen for is COMFORT, as in “being comfortable and relaxed” around her.

If she sees that her beauty doesn’t raise your body temperature, then you’ll usually get categorized as someone who “dates beautiful girls,” which is quite the useful category to be in.

I used to have an office on Park Ave in NYC, and we had an elite modeling agency on the top floor of our building.

Some of my most cherished memories involved riding that packed elevator up to the 11th floor (many of those girls were stunningly beautiful).

Seeing those cuties on a daily basis inspired me to do one of the most useful things a man can do for his personal development, which was finding a way to consistently spend time with beautiful women (outside of a dating context).

My gateway into this world was photography. If you any have problems with displaying dominance and comfort (in your own skin) around women, then having to command naked ladies to shift their bodies into different positions for hours on end will fix you right up.

Getting back to the hottie on my couch, seducing a dime piece like this requires a slightly different approach, but your main weapons will still be hard dominance and an unwavering, rock-solid frame, since you’ll be shit-tested relentlessly.

The hottest girls will constantly poke you to see if they can rattle you, or even worse, get you to put up with bratty behavior (AKA: suck you into their frame).

And once they know they can control you, their interest quickly plummets.

But when you show them you’re relaxed and comfortable in their presence (i.e., their beauty pleases you but doesn’t AFFECT you), you have an unwavering frame (i.e., you swat away all shit tests like a kung fu master effortlessly parrying the blows of a lesser opponent), and you deliver the feelings they desperately want to feel (e.g., fun, excitement, intrigue, comfort/safety, arousal, etc.), then you end up head and shoulders above all of their other options.

And, believe it or not, even though these women interact with HUNDREDS of men each year, a man like this is still incredibly hard for them to find.

Last night, as I was editing these videos, watching this smokeshow (who’s taller than me) staring into my soul with googly eyes, I thought to myself:

“Why is she so into me? I look like her ugly little brother.”

But I then I quickly remembered that I’m motherf-ing Pai Mai.

And unlike the legendary master, you won’t have to travel thousands of miles and climb a mountain top to learn all my secrets, which I packed into the “Mindvana Method,” “Seduction Mastery,” and the “Loving Obsession Protocol.”

So while you’re waiting for the white-bearded assassin to come back from the dead and launch his Udemy course, you can start practicing the “five point palm exploding poon technique” right here:

>>>Get your black belt in bedroom ninjitsu and learn to sweep women right off their feet

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