Scientific survey uncovers naughtiest female desires

Someone sent me a video about a se-x survey which asked 2000 people to share their desires and fetishes.

It should come as no surprise to Mindvana students that women rated desires like female submission and male dominance high up on their list, followed by more specific forms of submission like heavy bondage, choking, and rapeplay.

The data sounds about right to me. As I mentioned yesterday, women are starved for male dominance and tend to fantasize about all the ways they can submit to a strong man who has no qualms about taking what he wants.

In the breakdown video, the speaker offers some reasons for why this is so arousing for women (like se-xual blame avoidance, the joy of breaking taboos, reenacting trauma, etc.), but one thing he said really stood out:

“One of the biggest turn-ons for women is the thought of themselves being massively desirable. When women feel sexy they feel sexual.”

Interesting. Could that be why the “feel sexy” trigger is such an important part of the Mindvana process?

In fact, it’s actually a low-key arousal trigger because, yes, when women feel beautiful and desirable, they tend to feel more se-xual.

And this is a very useful state to work with, especially since it makes it much easier to escalate things further.

When I check-in with the Mindvana girls after each session, most of them are surprised at how comfortable they feel with the process.

It’s surprising because I take them from 0 to 60 in such a short time and have them doing and saying things they never expected they’d feel comfortable doing and saying with a relative stranger.

And that’s because I lead them smoothly from A to Z, being sure to carefully calibrate their comfort level and adjust when necessary (another important piece of dominance, btw).

And when it comes to learning the ins and outs of the kind of male dominance that women truly go nuts for, combining the Mindvana Method with my Loving Obsession Protocol will give you everything you need to give them what they’re all seeking in the bedroom.

But be prepared from some interesting things to happen when you dangle a T-bone in front of a starving woman.

Reminds me of a time from long ago (yesterday) where I might have had a sexy young thing pushed up against the wall with her pants around her ankles and my hand around her throat (in Minecraft), begging me to take things further.

Being the romantic gentleman I am, I told her to get dressed and sent her home because “I’m not ready to F you, yet.”

Luckily, she refrained from scratching my eyes out and flashed the most scrunched up, pouty face I’ve ever seen.

Hangry for the D, she was.

I guess she’s over it now, since she’ll be driving an hour to my place tonight for a “Netflix date” (whatever that means).

When you know you’re the only steakhouse serving up Wagyu Tomahawks for hundreds of miles around, you can afford to be just as lazy as I am.

And if you’d like some grade-A prime advice from a successful restaurateur, then something tells me you’ll enjoy chomping down on this juicy link:

>>>Learn to serve up a slab of meat that brings a stampede of sexy customers to your door, begging to be fed


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