One weird trick that delivers effortless Hypnotic O’s to stubborn, resistant women

As promised, here’s a field report from A.J. who started working with me a few months back to learn how to run his own Mindvana-style project out of his house.

(I’ve mentioned that running your own project is the easiest way to surround yourself with beautiful girls, especially during covid times when it’s becoming much harder to meet people. As of right now, I don’t have time to take on new students, but I plan on eventually opening up a couple of slots for this when I have more fr-ee time.)

Not too long ago, I shared a video of one of A.J.’s first hypnosis sessions where he acheived hypnotic phenomena on his first attempt.

Well, he finally decided to give hypnotic o-gasms a shot. Here’s what went down…


“Hey Jay… Saw Tina on Saturday and wow… It was an incredible session. The first one was already great, but this time really was something else. Basically, I finally got into the o-gasms and had those working super well. Made sure to fire off the trigger several times with open-eye somnambulism + outside of session. Even had a few off-camera sessions too 🙂

What’s most interesting is when she first got to the house, we were catching up and while she was telling me about all the big changes she’s been feeling since our first shoot, she mentioned that she’s started to rethink her relationship with her boyfriend. I knew that it was partially related to me and what happened in the first session, but she brought up a few other stories to not make it so obvious. Over the course of the day, I jumped on the opportunity though.

So the full day was basically like this: first session, I did some diagnostics/checking the triggers previously set and they were working but not as strong as last time. I knew this was because of some potential guilt she had for her considering ending her relationship. So then for the second session, I did ideomotor signaling/talking to her subconscious and asked it to clear any potential blockages she may have – thankfully, it obliged 🙂

Third session started when she finally felt relaxed, comfortable and, most importantly, without any subconscious blocks. Did quick happy/sexy triggers to start, then went straight for the o-gasms since “feel pleasure” worked so well during the last shoot and she had already made that trigger sexual on her own. Success!

Followed that up with a mock date in a past life, along with the “Tell Me” game (told her to tell me she wanted me inside her – haha). Fired the triggers again. (Forgot to include that I set an arousal trigger earlier – “cupcake” worked like a charm, thank you good sir.) Took away the feelings, then brought them back and had her “focus” (my trigger for open-eyed somnambulism) and look in my eyes when I fired the triggers again. Then brought her back up and the debrief was great!

She was so grateful, descriptive, talkative (more tears of joy like last time). Told her the good news was we had one more session after this one and she ended by saying “you’re trying to have me naked in here.”

You know what’s crazy? I used to read stories like this and would feel like there was a lot of truth with some mild exaggerations mixed in to make the dude look better in the story — no lie, these are exact quotes (reviewing the videos again right now). Never thought I’d wind up here.

Anyways, the last session went even better. Ran through all the triggers, further locked those in, and had her get physically involved too (squeezing my arm and leg). A lot of “Tell Me” game and having her look in my eyes. Took her all the way out of trance (did a 10 count out instead a 5 because she was that tired/relaxed). Then out of trance, I immediately had her look at me and fired the trigger again. It’s definitely locked in now!

But yeah, as far as seducing her, I knew I could’ve pulled right then if I wanted to. She stayed for a while after, we held hands, she laid on my shoulder, and I obviously was firing off the triggers throughout that too. She made it clear she was coming back and that she feels my project is very important work for women (can’t beat having a woman that’s down for the cause!).

To make a long story longer, though, by the end she pretty much committed to breaking it off with her boyfriend (not me telling her to, mind you – her “own” idea) and I’m getting to see the fruits of my labor with a very fun natty 🙂 Now I can see why some hypnotists only work with nattys and how that growth can get stunted if you don’t challenge yourself with new girls/obstacles. It’s just too fun having one who responds to anything you do!

As far as the other girls, Lisa was exposed to the rona so I’m waiting until after her quarantine period and Rachel was being flakey. Two seconds away from dropping her if she doesn’t shape up.” – A.J.


As A.J. mentioned, most people think these stories are total B.S. at first glance.

That’s why I constantly tell everyone to put their skepticism aside and just DO THE FREAKIN SEQUENCE, exactly as I teach it, so you can prove to yourself that Mindvana is 100% legit.

As a newbie hypnotist, A.J. is pulling off moves that most guys with YEARS OF EXPERIENCE are scared to even attempt. (Don’t tell him that though. I tricked him into thinking this stuff is easy.)

He even pulled off an “advanced” technique that very few people know about.

When working with a subject, sometimes you’ll hit an invisible wall and won’t have any clue what the issue is. And sometimes, all you need to do is is ask their subconscious mind to remove the obstacle for you.

It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it can save you HOURS of detective work and wasted trial and error.

(It’s another one of those things that seems unbelievable until you pull it off yourself.)

A.J. decided that he wanted results badly enough to do exactly what I recommend, without questioning it. As a result, he’s absolutely shocked at how much progress he’s made in such a short amount of time.

This is the power of focused 1-on-1 coaching. There’s really no better way to shave down a stubborn learning curve.

But you don’t need 1-on-1 training to get stellar results. Just watch the videos, apply what you learn, and ask me questions when you get stuck.

Speaking of coaching, the “Seduction Mastery Videos” (that come bundled with “The Katie Sessions”) were originally part of a group coaching program I was working on, but I got caught up with Mindvana and had to scrap the whole project.

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