Registered nurse uses secret unorthodox hypnosis method on unsuspecting patients

In response to all the naysayers who think hypnosis is a bunch of bupkis, a reader shares a success story which showcases a shocking display of hypnotic technology…


“I am a RN and prior to viewing your videos, I had used parts (unknowingly) to help patients struggling with chronic and acute pain, insomnia and anxiety to mediate those conditions when pharmacological solutions were unavailable.

Basically, I would get them breathing properly, lowering my voice register a bit and asking them to imagine being on a beach watching the waves and matching inspiration with the incoming waves and exhalation with the waves flowing out.

Sometimes I would elaborate and add extras but always the basic shtick mentioned above. Almost always they would report a decrease in pain/anxiety or the ability to fall asleep (no small feat in the hospital) and the sleep was “the best they had had in a long time.”

I am working through your videos to improve my effectiveness.

To your detractors I will say that the relaxation that occurs has a physiological basis in human beings. Guided visualizations and focused breathing can be one of the best treatments offered to a patient, primarily due to the fact that I can teach them and they can use it with no restrictions whenever they need to. I generally reinforce the skill over several days to help them nail it down.” -John K


So you’re telling me that there’s other things you can do with hypnosis besides making women crazy with lust?

I almost didn’t believe my lying eyes.

Kididing aside, kudos to John for having the compassion needed to go the extra mile for his patients, along with the courage to test this stuff out on the fly.

I might suggest that my new Mindvana Lite method can help him achieve even better results in much less time.

He could even combine ML with his current method to supercharge his effectiveness.

And, if I were him, I would also be mindful of the many cute nurses who could greatly benefit from the panacea-like effects of a hypnotic o-gasm delivered at the end of an exhausting 12 hour shift.

(Disclaimer: Any Mindvana-ing at the workplace will almost certainly result in a scandalous #me-too-ing. Proceed with caution.)

That’s all I’ve got for today. For anyone else in the non-believer camp, I would tell you, once again, to go test this stuff out and prove to yourself how easy it is to get real-world results.

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