The fastest way to destroy a toxic Disney mindset

Another guy writes in to complain about the “fakeness” and “priceyness” of Mindvana…


The cost of your program is way out of my range. Even your lowest. Plus the women in your free little video clips I’ve watched ? Look like the women are playing along with you and are just acting or faking out the part. Program does look interesting though if it is real and works in real life.” – Joe H


I get that some of my video clips may look fake (and sometimes cheesy). But there are others that show reactions which are almost impossible to fake.

The problem is that the average guy has little to no experience with women (along with hypnosis, in general) and can’t believe any of this could actually be possible.

It also makes them uncomfortable, in many ways.

For starters, learning the true nature of women would destroy so many precious Disney fantasies, such as Bob’s belief that harassing that one special girl for YEARS will eventually make her see the light fall in love with us.

Sadly, far too many people prefer believing they’re RIGHT over actually being SUCCESSFUL. Even when they couldn’t be more hopelessly wrong.

I’m also not sure how $47 a month could be “way out” of someone’s range, unless they’re a broke college student. If you can’t scrape together a couple dollars a day, then I recommend taking care of your financial situation before working on your female situation.

And even if they’re flat broke, guys who want to learn this stuff will find a way (skipping their daily cup of Starbucks, for instance).

But now that Mindvana Lite is available, guys like Joe don’t have a single valid excuse left for not taking action.

“I don’t think hypnosis works.”

“I don’t think it would work for me.”

“It takes too much time to learn.”

“Your program is too expensive.”

“Your videos are full of paid actresses who are faking everything.”

“I’m afraid to get caught using this stuff.”

“I’m afraid to look stupid if it doesn’t work.”

Mindvana Lite puts all of these concerns to rest.

Go watch the fr-ee video tutorial, take some notes, and start using the method before the day’s over. (You won’t even have to give up your daily caffeine concoction.)

Once you’ve proven it to yourself that this stuff “is real and works in real life,” then you’ll be ready for the next step…

…which is learning the FULL Mindvana Method so you can do things most guys consider to be impossible.

Such as…

Giving women o-gasms on command, whenever you want

Making them unbearably aroused with just a word or touch

Training them to become obsessed with pleasing you in every possible way

I can go on and on, but all you need to know is this:

“Bobs” cling to their toxic Disney mindsets and “Joes” make endless excuses. But winners consistently take action.

And if you can sit through one short video, take some notes, and then ask one of your female friends to hop on a quick FaceTime call…

…then you can score your first win in the next few hours…

…and be well on your well on your way to creating a FAR MORE EFFECTIVE mindset that will ensure a lifetime of success with the opposite se-x.

Go make it happen:

>>>FR-EE Mindvana Lite video tutorial shows you how easy it is to hypnotize women on your first try and make them feel amazing from head to toe

Ciao for now,


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