Testimonial Instructions

You have 2 options for scoring your free goodies:

If you send in a video testimonial (for either Mindvana or Mindvana Lite) by 3/21/21, you’ll get the following:

1. A Mindvana-style hypnotic orgasm video featuring Angelica the contortionist

2. A Zoom coaching session where I helped Adriana (the Brazilian model from Mindvana Lite) get rid of her dental phobia in a seemingly innocent conversation

3. A sexy LHF mug which is sure to turn heads at your next illegal social gathering

Anyone who posts a written testimonial for Mindvana Lite will get the following:

1. A Zoom session with a cute Croatian girl that will show you how to transition from the Mindvana Lite induction to hypnotic orgasms

2. A “hypnotic exorcism” video starring one of my old mentors (this one is wild!)

And yes, you can get ALL the goodies if you send in both a video testimonial AND post a written one (for Mindvana Lite).

Here are the instructions…

For video testimonials:

I want legit testimonials only. If you haven’t actually used the material, then you’re ineligible to send in a review.

The video doesn’t have to be long but it should be at least 45 seconds in length and touch on at least a few of the following points:

-What were your concerns before making your purchase
-What made you decide to purchase the product
-What you learned
-Your thoughts about the course content
-Whether or not the product met your expectations
-How the product compares to others you’ve seen
-The results you achieved after using the material
-What you’d change about the product (if anything)
-Whether or not you’d recommend the product to others

The production quality isn’t important so feel free to use your laptop’s webcam, or just your phone.

(It IS important that your face is well lit and that the audio is clear and easily to understand.)

I want truthful reviews only, so feel free to add negative comments if the product didn’t meet your expectations. Everyone who sends in a video (while following these instructions) will receive their goodies, regardless of whether their feedback is positive or negative.

You’re then going to post the video somewhere where I can download it (like google drive or you can send it using wetransfer.com), and send me the download link in an email to info(at)learnhypnosisfast.com, along with a note that says that I have your permission to post your video publicly.

In this email, include the way you’d like your name and location to appear with the video (feel free to use a fake name and location if you prefer to remain anonymous), along with your real first and last name and the email address you’d like to use for our Teachable portal (if you’re a current member, then you already have a LHF Teachable account – send us the email you use to log in to Teachable so we can add your new videos to your account).

Lastly, include your mailing address so I can ship you your mug.

For written testimonials:

I’m looking for written testimonials for Mindvana Lite to be posted on Udemy.com.

You’ll first create a free student account there. You’ll then “enroll” in Mindvana Lite from their site (it’s free). You can do so at the following link:


Finally, you’ll post your honest review. There will be a link above the course (after you enroll) that says “leave a review” or something similar.

After you’re finished, send me an email to info(at)learnhypnosisfast.com with either a screenshot or a link to your review.

You’ll receive an email back from us within 2 days with instructions on how to access your new videos. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks!

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