How it took me less than a week to ruin my entire year

I need to bitch and moan today. I’m angry, frustrated, and a little teary-eyed. Please bear with me.

So last week I decided to start the next round of Mindvana experiments and made a few “enhancements” to the process.

I was inspired by the scene in John Wick 3 where Charon explains to the Baba Yaga why the High Table’s hired goons seem to be impervious to bullets.

“Sir, it appears they have made certain armor improvements.”

After taking a long break from filming, I realized that many improvements could be made to my own process.

So I started tinkering around in the workshop. And the result is akin to pairing the 2011 Taran Tactical Combat Master with the 9mm major +P+.

“125 grain, 1,425 feet per second. Serious business.”

And now I’m starting to regret my decision, because my precious fr-ee time is fast disappearing.

These girls all pressure me to hang out after each shoot, and they all want to come back for more. It’s quite the awful predicament because I just don’t have enough time to work with all of them.

In fact, I had to turn down a cirque du soleil contortionist who can twist herself into a pretzel and look directly up her own ass (which happens to be the #1 quality I look for in a potential wife).

So yeah, I’m super bummed, as you could imagine. I’m also bummed that it’s getting harder to find time to write these emails.

If I stay on this path, I’ll end up wasting the entire year by accidentally producing dozens of illegitimate children, instead of quality content for your reading enjoyment.

But no excuses. As soon as this bottle of Lexapro kicks in, I’m gonna sit down and start writing up a storm. Expect some long-winded meandering nonsense to come your way tomorrow morning and the mornings thereafter.

In the meantime, if you haven’t started using Mindvana yet, you might as well just shoot off one of your testicles with a +P+ round.

Look… I just don’t enough hours in my day to sleep with all these girls. I need help, fam.

If you’d like to help carry some of the load and earn a ticket to Heaven in the process (you’ll be doing the Lord’s work, after all)…

…then you can get started with Mindvana Lite (which is still available to everyone absolutely FR-EE of charge) right here:

>>>Learn how to make beautiful women feel absolutely amazing to the point where they harass you to spend all day with them so you end up slacking on your business duties until you find yourself out on the street, homeless and broke, forced to put all 7 of your pregnant hotties on OnlyFans to support you until the cash starts rolling in and you realize that you have more than enough to retire so you buy up a beachfront condo in South Beach and film Mindvana videos all day and write stupid emails to amuse yourself

Ciao for now,


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