The Astonishing Productivity Secrets of the World’s Laziest Bastard

(This is a long email but it’s packed with strange and unusual advice to help you massively increase your productivity levels. There’s also a ton of sneaky hypnosis embedded throughout. It’s well worth the read, so go dive in…)

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, then you know I often refer to myself as the laziest man on the planet.

But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m lazy with WOMEN, yes. But when it comes to everything else in life, I’m probably more productive than anyone else you know.

Back in January, I planned on taking a few months off, even before covid was a thing. When the lockdown hit, I immediately drove down to Florida to escape the NYC chaos and I’ve been here ever since.

I’m blessed with the freedom to do what I want, whenever I want, with zero restrictions. I can run my business from anywhere in the world and take months off at a time to lay on a beach all day, if I so choose.

I’ve busted my ass for years to earn a privilege that most people have trouble comprehending. And, as a result, I no longer have to answer to anyone (except the man upstairs). It’s a great place to be.

But, on the flip side, there are consequences to working 12 hour days, 6-7 days a week (for years). After reprogramming myself to handle this level of productivity, I now tend to struggle with too much downtime.

The lockdown was a perfect opportunity to shut off off my brain and space out for a while. But, instead of chillaxing, I’ve been working like a madman possessed.

Case in point, here’s a list of some things I’ve accomplished in the past 3 months:

  • Finished a new Mindvana video on relationship management
  • Completed the Mindvana flowchart
  • Ran a bunch of free coaching sessions (for the contest winners)
  • Sent out multiple emails (each one took me hours to write)
  • Was interviewed for a podcast
  • Read at least 10 books
  • Rebuilt my website from scratch and wrote all the copy (
  • Created an autoresponder series for the new website
  • Did a 3-1/2 day water fast (a miserable experience)
  • Took an online workshop to learn some new skills
  • Started a new 30min daily qi gong practice
  • Started writing my next book
  • Watched hours of training videos (from various home study courses)
  • Started filming a new Mindvana product (it’s hush-hush for now)
  • Finished editing two new marketing videos for youtube
  • Started drafting a direct mail piece for my brother
  • Started learning acupressure
  • Started teaching myself long-range shooting

And this is on top of my weekly coaching calls with clients and other routine daily activities, such as cooking, lifting weights, jogging every night, managing my social media accounts, etc.

I’ve also allowed myself plenty of dik-around time so my head didn’t explode. I’ve watched at least 15 movies and took a few trips to the shooting range.

I’m even “allowing myself” to hang out with a new girl this weekend in Miami. (I’ll explain why this is such a big deal in a second).

But I’m not kidding when I talk about having to redesign how my mind worked.

No one who knows me would suspect this, but I used to be lazy with EVERYTHING. No matter what the context, if there was a corner to be cut, I would cut the living sh*t out it.

But I truly wanted to have a happy life. And I knew my lazy behaviors just weren’t gonna, um… cut it.

So I began implementing a particular set of protocols… protocols designed to keep me in a state of near-constant productivity, with very little perceived effort on my part.

“Effortless productivity,” if you will.

Most of these protocols are taught in my Limitless Home Study Course; particularly, the two modules that cover motivation and discipline.

But, today, I’d like to share with you 4 important tips for massively cranking your productivity (and creativity) through the roof, like presto magic.

Tip 1: Fasting from females

My favorite part of the lockdown was the excuse it gave me to completely isolate myself from all women. As wonderful as the fairer sex can be, female companionship comes at a price.

Women cost money and they cost time.

They also live and die for attention and will continue to suck you dry until you’re completely drained with nothing to show for it. Time away from women literally equals money in the bank.

And the kind of female-fast I’m talking about goes beyond “no p in the v.” Other than the girl who hit me up on whatsapp, I’ve completely avoided chatting up new girls online, along with texting any of my old ones.

Think “monk on a mountaintop.” Or a pu*ssy-pounding prosecutor recusing himself from all sexual duties in an effort to achieve the purity of spirit which can only be attained by a total reprieve from the caustic effects of toxic femininity.

It’s some biblical sh*t, for realz.

So instead of being frustrated that you’re currently lacking female companionship, consider it a blessing in disguise and use your free time to BUILD something.

“Time out, yo… What you mean you ain’t got no wimmens??? What about Miami chick, you sneaky lyin’ bastard?”

You mean the Russian yoga teacher who can crack walnuts with her squeeze box? I’ll explain in a bit.

Here’s the next tip…

Tip 2: No po*rn/ejaculation

Po*rn is straight up evil, in so many ways. It not only siphons the energy you need for growing your empire, but it seriously affects your ability to have enjoyable se-x with women in real life.

Remember, you have a FINITE amount of energy each day. You can’t drain your battery on a daily basis and expect to have the motivation to conquer your to-do list. (And caffeine is a band-aid that leads to long-term problems if overused. This goes double for adderall, cocaine, etc.)

Ejaculation, by itself, can also be problematic, especially when it occurs more than once a week (at most).

Go 3 weeks without an ejaculation and you’ll see immediate benefits. You’ll have more energy, more clarity, more creativity, and more motivation to make things happen. (This includes fearlessly chatting up random girls wherever you are.)

Most guys are completely unaware of the chronic, low-level depression they’re suffering from, due to watching po*rn and ejaculating too frequently. It’s a legit pandemic (as opposed to our current over-hyped one).

I know you probably think this is all a bunch of horsesh*t. So go run a quick experiment by abstaining completely for 3 weeks while paying close attention to how you feel. After testing it out yourself, you’ll be a believer.

You might even buy yourself a stylish “no-fap” bunker sticker so you can spread the word far and wide like a true evangelist.

It’ll probably take you a while to get used to having extra sex-ual energy in your body (along with the constant sex-ual thoughts in the beginning). But, eventually, you’ll level up and completely transform your internal operating system.

You wanted the ninja-sh*t. You just got it.


Most people procrastinate bettering their lives due to having no idea where to start. They sit around waiting for a magic idea to be delivered from the heavens on a bolt of lightning.

But that’s not how this game works.

You need to start working on something, ANYTHING, right now. Most likely, the first path you choose won’t be where you end up. But that initial choice will eventually lead you to your best path.

The universe rewards action. Period, end. As long as you’re moving, you’ll start to receive answers and insights that will point you in the right direction.

Its like the Indiana Jones movie with the invisible bridge at the end. Throwing down some dirt will only give you a faint outline of the bridge, but it’s more than enough to start moving. The rest of the walkway will appear to you in time.

Case in point, I now have a business that makes me money in my sleep due to putting up a few wacky vids on youtube. I had no vision in mind when I first started, and there were dozens of unknown variables to figure out along the way.

If I had waited until I had a solid A-Z plan that made perfect sense in my head, LHF wouldn’t have never materialized.

Also, taking action trains you to become a GRINDER. Your magical once-in-a-lifetime idea will eventually get zapped into your brain. But if you’re not able to grind sh*t out, you won’t have the fortitude to birth it into reality.

Start NOW. Do something. Fail fast. Try again. Don’t stop.

Tip 4: Defer instant gratification with “conditions”

Most people are absolute slaves to dopamine. Whenever a negative emotion pops up, they immediately seek out a hit of their favorite dope, typically in the form of shitt-y food, po*rn, new clothes, vacations, etc.

Falling prey to this cycle makes you a slave to your unbalanced brain chemistry. You become an addict, no matter how you slice it.

Here’s how to break this awful habit…

Instead of giving in to the urges, defer the instant gratification and use X thing as a future reward.

In other words, reward yourself with things you were going to eat/buy/watch anyway. No desert until you finish all your broccoli.

(The caveat here is not going overboard with garbage rewards. SOME junk food, mindless TV, etc. is fine in small amounts.)

For example, after completing 90% of my Florida to-do list, I finally allowed myself to order the gun I wanted.

This was something I was committed to buying anyway (I already set aside money for it back in Feb). But instead of giving in to the desire to scoop it up the second I fell in love with it, I slowed wayyyy the F down and put a CONDITION on the purchase.

“I’m going to buy myself a Tikka T3X Tac A1 in 6.5 creed so I can snipe ninjas from 3200 meters away. But ONLY after I finish doing X first.”

In this case, “X” happened to be about 150 random tasks. But you don’t need to go nuts and work 18 hour days until you drop dead. I’m just a freakshow.

Seriously, don’t be an idiot, like me, and give yourself only a single day off after working 90 days in a row. My patented “90-1 protocol” is guaranteed to induce your first heart attack, along with a few mini-strokes and a touch of gastritis.

2/10 Would not recommend.

To wrap up, start working hard on building something that allows you to relax later. And use deferred rewards to associate good feelings with MASSIVE action and productivity.

Because I did all my homework like a good little boy, I EARNED the right to finally break my chick-fast. Hence the sexy Russian with the magic cooch. (Can’t keep buying myself weapons all the time, ya know?)

I’ll tell you what… It ain’t easy playing the role of the productive little boy AND the wise parent that doles out the ice cream to reward good grades. But this ability will set you apart from everyone else, and turn you into a DOER who makes things happen.

Spending all that time and effort fleshing out Mindvana is the reason why I can now be “lazy” with women today. And it wasn’t too long ago that my current lifestyle seemed like an impossible dream.

Time moves fast. Your future will be here before you know it.

So if you want to have an amazing dating life and (multiple) fulfilling relationships, then you’ll need to invest some time and effort into learning the appropriate skill-sets. (Mindvana is one way to get there but there are others, as well.)

You’ll never regret the time you spent building a better tomorrow. Might as well start building it now.

Get on it.

P.S. Next week, I’ll have an update on the Mindvana-loving masturbator. Seems she got herself into a wee bit of trouble with her boyfriend. Stay tuned…


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