The most dangerous relationship mistake a man can make

There’s so much gold in this (lengthy) email, you can take it to the pawn shop. Enjoy…

I have an update on the crazy European girl, and it’s quite the cautionary tale.

One that just might save your life one day. No exaggeration.

But before we take the scenic route through the depths of depravity, some good news…

I hung out with the Russian yoga teacher on Saturday and all went well. Miami has opened up and is just as beautiful as ever (minus the rioting).

I posted some of the highlights to my Instagram story if you’re curious. (insta: @jaycataldo) Let’s just say it was a great way to break my quarantine fast.

(Side note: I have no desire to get political and talk about what’s going on. I prefer to be an entertaining distraction from all the chaos.)

Getting back to my overseas-admirer, I decided to let her read the emails she inspired. And not too surprisingly, she was quite impressed.

She confirmed I was spot-on about everything, and was also genuinely happy that her sex-y saga sparked some product sales.

She might be the best muse I’ve ever had.

Case in point, during yesterday’s Mindvana session via whatsapp, her dirty mouth birthed yet another gem of a blurb:

“Please tell me that I’m turning you on, too. I feel weird saying this… but it feels like a fu*king privilege to be the one making you hard. OMG you just got the headline for your next email. ;)”

Such a little helper.

So here we go. Read this slowly and carefully and let it all soak in…

In the latest Mindvana Gold video, I shared a list of warning signs to look out for when choosing a potential mate. (As I’ve said numerous times, proper mate selection is the key to having amazing relationships).

Out of the entire list, the following 4 signs are, arguably, the most important of all.

Because they can help you easily identity girls with Borderline Personality Disorder.

(Note: If you don’t know why BDP women should be avoided like the plague, do some googling and read up on the horror stories.)

As you may have suspected, the European girl has all 4 (and many more). I spotted them early on, then confirmed my suspicions with my patented “CIA routine.”

And before I spill the beans on what she did to her poor boyfriend, let me first share the 4 warning signs that can protect you from a similar fate.

Warning sign #1: A history of severe childhood abuse

I’m not talking about the occasional spanking for leaving dirty dishes in the sink. I’m talking about molestation, severe beatings, incest, witnessing a parent attempt suicide, etc.

The DARK stuff that’ll convince the staunchest of atheists that our world is inhabited by legit demons.

These events leave severe emotional scars which often develop into BDP and other personality disorders. Even the most seasoned therapists throw their hands up in the air at these cases, because they have no way to truly help.

Sure, they’ll run them through the system for years, but these poor girls rarely see their conditions improve. Traditional therapeutic protocols are mostly useless for this level of severe trauma.

Warning sign #2: Personality flip-flopping

This is the easiest one to spot (since they may lie about the others). During one of our text chats, she was once-again complaining about her boyfriend, so I told her to knock it off.

The fangs immediately came out. She told me to go F myself, before resorting to guilt tripping and threatening to never speak to me again.

BPD’s have a severe fear of abandonment. But their pathology leads them to do anything in their power to MAKE their men abandon them. It’s quite a strange paradox.

When you see this type of extreme personality flipping (aka: major over-reactions and extreme vindictiveness), it’s safe to assume BDP, bipolar disorder, or something else on the spectrum.

(TIP: When they pull this crap, call their bluff and completely ignore them until they reach out to you again.)

Warning Sign #3: Psychotropic meds

Psychiatrists will often dose these girls with heavy anti-psychotics (typically more than one). Their pharm cocktail helps keep a lid on the crazy, but only for a short while. The pot will eventually boil over.

Warning Sign #4: Multiple suicide attempts

These girls often weaponize suicide as a means for getting attention. When a girl has multiple attempts under her belt, she’s often using them for control purposes – control over her environment and, sometimes, over specific people in her life.

And while not every girl who’s attempted suicide will have BPD, almost every BPD girl you’ll meet will have at least 1 attempt under her belt.

A BPD girl is also likely to threaten to end their life if their partner leaves them. This helps them control even the most callous of players, because nobody wants a suicide on their conscience.

So there you have it. If you come across a girl who checks any of these boxes, RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest exit.

Playing the BPD game is similar to playing the Game of Thrones. Except the only way you can win is by stepping away from the board.

When you choose to play this game, you either lose or you die. It’s about as much fun as banging your sister.

(That’s a GOT joke, in case you haven’t seen the show. lol)

Many guys who try to date these girls will end up on hard drugs, lose their businesses, end up in jail for assault, and even commit suicide, themselves. Consider yourself forewarned.

Now please pardon me as I continue to beat this dead horse for your benefit…

BPD girls are dangerous because they’re extremely ADDICTIVE. They’re often super-hot and the sex is like a drug. They’ll make all your crazy por*n fantasies come true and help you think up 10 new ones.

This is how they trap you.

You cannot help them. You cannot fix them. You do not have one of the “good” ones. At best, she’s just hiding her power level until she has you fully hooked.

But there will come a time when the devil inside her will show its face. And unless you’ve got the demon-slaying skills of Keanu in “Constantine,” prepare for your soul to be harvested and devoured by Mr. Louie Cyphre, himself.

Even a seasoned slut-whisperer (like yours truly) should flee in terror, even though I know exactly what it takes to manage them – I literally wrote THE book on mind games and manipulation tactics.

But whether or not you pack weapons of mass destruction in your lunchbox, you should never treat a BPD girl like shi*t or play with her emotions (even if she deserves it).

The threat of severe retaliation notwithstanding, it’s straight-up bad karma. And whether or not you believe in her, Karma is the queen of crazy BPD bitches, and she most certainly believes in YOU.

Stay off her radar.

So… that’s how you determine whether or not your girl is harboring a demonic entity. Now let me share an example of what can happen if you foolishly let your guard down.

This is a relatively tame BPD story, as many guys fare far worse.

Last week, I was up to my usual Mindvana-ing, enflaming this lusty chica’s insatiable desires. Since Jay Cataldo was a million miles away, she started begging her boyfriend for se-x. But he turned her down, yet again.

To sooth her wounded pride, she marched straight to the liquor cabinet, reached for the scotch, and pounded back shots until she couldn’t see straight.

She then used her iPad to message a coworker, asking if she could stop by for a friendly game of Angry Birds. Told her bf she’d be back in an hour.

2 hours later, bf’s spidey-sense starts tingling. He checks her iPad and discovers the raunchy convo she just had with her coworker.

Minutes later, our disheveled heroine stumbles through the front door, armed with an assortment of flimsy excuses. Crumbling under the pressure of his interrogation, she quickly fessed up to her sins.

Emotions erupt. Screaming ensues. In her drunken state, our fair maiden takes a tumble down the stairs, fracturing her unfaithful foot in three places.

Her hysterical squeals bring the bf back under her spell. An armistice is agreed upon and he proceeds to drive her to the hospital. Her foot gets a boot. But instead of booting her out, he gifts her with a second chance. The end.

A most beautiful love story if I’ve ever heard one.

I can almost assure you that her scheming subconscious mind orchestrated her stairway slip-up. Either way, it’s a quite impressive (if not devious) way of regaining control.

And remember, none of this happened because the bf was abusive to her in any way…

It happened because he unknowingly shacked up with a BPD girl. And this is just what they do.

Mistake #2 was withholding se-x from a se-x addict. But when you’re holding a bomb with multiple fuses, you only need to light one to set it off.

He seems to be treating her rather well now because she’s temporarily crippled. Apparently “he’s trying his best to forgive me and just needs some time to get over it.”

But what would happen then? Might she learn her lesson and spend the rest of her life trying to make amends?

Um… well…

The next day he allegedly made a racially-charged comment, leading her to believe that he’s secretly an evil white supremist. She demanded he pack up his stuff and peace out.

I believe these were my exact words to her:

“Hey crazy… you do realize you’re not white, right? How racist can the dude be if he’s been dating a brown girl like you for years?”

But this is an unreasonable inquiry, on my part. I asked her a logical question about an illogical process.

You see, when a woman wants to leave you, she’ll begin the process of gathering evidence in order to make a case against you.


Before she can end her relationship, she needs to convince the judge and jury (i.e., her friends and family) that her actions are just and warranted.

9 times out of 10, no legitimate evidence exists (besides the flimsy “I don’t feel the same way anymore”). So she’ll start “planting” evidence by twisting anything you do or say into something that aligns with her narrative.

And if you’re a sparkly-clean choir boy, then she’ll keep pushing your buttons HARD until you inevitably spazz out and do/say something stupid.

Congrats. You’ve now given her justification for ending the relationship that’s convincing enough to garner the support of her social network. And you’d best believe she will lord it over you for the rest of your life.

I talk about this process extensively in my book “Get Your Girl Back.” I also teach the most effective way to protect yourself from a woman’s relentless persecution and slip right back into the power seat.

This book is no longer for sale. But here’s the good news…

If you’ve purchased my 7-Day Quick Start Course, then you already have access to it as a fr-ee bonus.

Just log into the member’s area and check out the program’s bonus section.

I often add bonuses that are worth more than the price of the course they’re bundled with, and this book is no exception. For the past 10 years it was priced at $60, while the information contained within is considered by many to be priceless.

It’s definitely worth a read, even if you have no desire to get back with an ex. The info will also help you avoid LOSING a girl to begin with.

Couple these tactics with the techniques in Mindvana and you’ll be unstoppable.

On a side note, remember Kymberly from the project? She just moved to Florida and wants to see me again.

She was pissed that I didn’t want to date her exclusively, but I guess she’s over that now. If you use Mindvana properly, the women you date will tend to circle back around, for years.

And don’t forget about all the rich, Russian yoga teachers that’ll be head-over-heels for you after just one date. (I didn’t even start the Mindvana process yet, but she saw my videos and can’t wait to experience it.)

Yes, I sound like a douchey braggart. But if I didn’t share these stories, you’d think I was peddling snake oil.

Most of my students have no idea that I used to be awful with women. Nowadays, the ladies tend to worship the ground I walk on – even when I have to stand on my toes to make out with them.

(The Russian girl is taller than me in her heels. She didn’t seem to mind and was a bit upset I decided to work yesterday instead of taking her to the beach.)

Bottom line, this system works. All of my students who use it get similar results.

So go study up, implement it, and then send me your success stories so I can be a proud poppa.

But you have to want success for yourself. If you’re a lazy SOB, then my material is not for you. Don’t waste your time.

P.S. Miss BPD (who I haven’t met in person) finally asked me how tall I was.

Me: “5’6. Me and Tom Cruise have it rough.”

Her: “Well, I find you fu*king sexy.”

Height doesn’t matter when they’re head-over-heels. And in case you’re wondering, her (now ex) boyfriend is 6’1.

And what about the substantial age difference?

“Holy crap, you’re 18 years older than me??? That makes this sh*t so much hotter! LOL”

Daddy issues? Check. 😉

When you can deliver the feelings they crave, the “rules” no longer apply to you.

>>>Learn to be the exception right HERE.

P.P.S. One more tip: while using Mindvana over text, be sure to have them picture you looking deep into their eyes as you’re describing all the dirty things you wanna do to them. Do it right, and you’ll often hear things like this:

“So amazing. I can’t remember the last time a guy actually looked into my eyes during se-x. I feel so close to you.”

And… “You give me the best se-x of my life without even physically fu*king me.”

It’s not difficult to make yourself stand out from the competition. Why not learn to be the best they ever had, BEFORE you even take off your clothes?

Laziness for the win.

Whew, another novel. Time to cut back on the double espressos.

Ciao for now.


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