The Buddhist principle that turns a “no” into a “please don’t stop”

We talked about the importance of persistence yesterday. But to make this work effectively (especially when pursuing women), you have to add in a complete lack of neediness.

Paradoxical and confusing, I know. I’m gonna break it down.

The Buddhists talk about the importance of having complete detachment to the outcome you’re looking to achieve.

This is a bit confusing at first glance because most people equate detachment with “not caring.” And if you really don’t care about something, then why even bother going after it in the first place?

But you don’t need to have a lack of desire to be detached. It’s about enjoying the process of pursuing your goal without NEEDING anything specific to happen.

Think of it as a preference. You would prefer that the girl you’re talking to comes home with you tonight. But you also understand that you’re playing a difficult game and won’t always be successful.

And you’re totally ok with that.

You don’t NEED her to come home with you in order to have a fun evening, to not be lonely, to look good to your friends, to feel good about yourself, etc.

Think of it like a video game. Each time you pick up the controller you have an objective in mind. But if you don’t achieve it, you can calmly put the controller back down and focus on other things in your life (unless you’ve been playing for 3 days straight hopped-up on energy drinks).

In other words, you’re deriving your enjoyment from simply playing the game and you’re totally fine with whatever happens during that time.

Once you get to this place with women, you’ll be projecting a GENUINE lack of need that they’ll sense and respond to.

In one scene in the Ashton Kutcher movie, his ex pulls a power move and pushes him away mid-kiss.

AK calmly disengages, sits down on the couch and turns on the TV. In his head, he starts slowly counting…

“1… 2… 3… 4…”

Before he gets to 5, she comes up behind him and starts kissing him again.

In pua lingo, this is called a “takeaway.” And while it’s a solid standalone technique for last minute resistance, I can assure you it works much better when you use it from a state of genuine neediness, since you’ll be telegraphing certain cues (through your body language) that can’t be faked.

The more you can demonstrate (through your vibe) that you don’t NEED se-x from a woman, the more likely she’ll be to throw it at you.

The old school Buddhists must have gotten laid like crazy.

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