The 26 point system that locks a woman down for good

I wanna share one last tip with you from the Ashton Kutcher movie.

After he hooks up with Anne Heche, he spends the night so he can hang out at her posh apartment while she’s at work.

And as he’s cooking dinner for her later that evening, he explains his thought process to the audience:

“It doesn’t matter if you can cook or not. Women grade on effort. It’s almost better when the meal’s a flop. It shows you’re willing to make a fool of yourself.

It’s all about creating equity. Think of it as a point system. One for flowers, two for dinner, three for an o-gasm. You need 26 points for them to trust you. And then you can go back to watching football.”

One thing I do if I really like a girl is immediately start acting like her boyfriend (after we sleep together). I just pretend we’re already a couple and act like we’ve been dating for years.

Only do this with women you’re considering getting serious with, of course. It’s fine to stay in the “fu*k boi” category if you’re not looking for anything more.

But serious players like AK understand the value of deepening an emotional connection, even if they’re just looking to mooch off of wealthy socialites.

So that wraps up this little series. The movie is called “Spread” and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here’s one last gem from the flick…

As he’s about to hook up with Anne Heche for the first time, he says:

“The first time you’re with a girl, make sure you fu*k her good, but not TOO good. Leave room to grow in the relationship.”

In my “Loving Obsession Protocol,” not only do I teach exactly how to blow a woman’s mind the first time you’re with her, but how to make each experience progressively better until she convinces herself you’re the best she’s ever had by far.

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