The Dark Lord of hypnosis? (new video)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s video sent in by Markus (one of our members). I have an even crazier one for you today…

When I joked about the student who “made me look bad” by keeping a woman in extended o-gasm for minutes, I was talking about Markus, himself.

But Markus thought I was talking about someone else. He became angry that one of my students had the stones to publicly attack me, and decided to swiftly retaliate.

In other words, my email accidentally instigated a Markus vs. Markus blitzkrieg, in which each Markus tried to one-up the other Markus’ best o-gasmic efforts.

It’s quite confusing, I know. But as Ernst Stavro Blofeld famously said:

“Out of horror, beauty.”

From the ashes of war, a beautiful new video was birthed.

In this 37 minute marathon, Markus keeps a woman in a state of extended o-gasm until she, quite literally, passes out from exhaustion.

DISCLAIMER: This is cruel and unusual punishment by any metric. It’s obvious that Markus has left the path of light and chosen to dabble in the dark hypnotic arts. His soul is beyond redemption.

I disavow.

Here’s the reprehensible new video…

>>>Near-death o-gasmic experience (Update: the woman in the video asked me to take it down)

One of members, Rob, weighs in on Markus’s accomplishments:


“Good video, but Markus was using his sister for the demonstration. That’s cheating. Lol Just joking of course. Great stuff.”


I found Rob’s comment to be extremely offensive and unwarranted.

I mean, look… I’ve always said that Mindvana is fun for the whole family.

And I know for a fact that, in some jurisdictions, it’s perfectly legal to give your sister an o-gasm (in Alabama, for instance).

However, I would recommend staying away from any first-degree relatives. Second cousins, however, are fair game, along with any ex-stripper aunts who married your uncle Pete in Vegas.

Markus is a very bad man. Don’t let him corrupt you.

Enjoy the video.


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