Frustrated Russian hottie reveals the secret to capturing her heart & mind

I received an email from (another) sexy Russian girl from Beverly Hills whose ex-bf knew how to “speak” to her during se-x. Her new man is lacking this essential skill set, and it’s starting to become a huge problem.


“Hi… I found Jay online on YouTube. I think it’s very powerful when man can help women to experience greater pleasure by influencing and guiding their mind. Jay does amazing work!

In fact I was engaged to guy who very naturally did similar suggestions and it felt unbelievable! I could o-gasm up to 13 times in one session. So I’m spoiled now :)) I know how it works and how powerful that is. It makes man so magnetic and actually addicting.

After we broke up, I did a great work on healing and after a while started to date again. My current boyfriend is an awesome person, but he doesn’t talk much with me in bed. Because of that I have a hard time climaxing.

I asked him to talk to me, but maybe because he is not used to it, the words don’t come out as powerful, natural and smooth. It’s almost like he doesn’t know exactly what to say to me, and because of that he doesn’t sound convincing. I really want to take this situation in my hands, since the o-gasms come from my mind anyway.

So here is my question: is there are a technique on how I can self-erotic hypnotize myself to feel more relaxed, instant aroused, more sensitive and open to the unlimited o-gasms right there and then in the moment? Is it possible for me to learn to bring myself to that orgasmic feeling faster? That way I’ll be more proactive and I’ll know that I can get myself there with anyone. It is my mind after all :)”


I guarantee you that her ex wasn’t even a hypnotist. He just figured out how to speak to women in a way that lights them up.

And even without any understanding of how hypnosis works, he was able to make this Russian girl o-gasm 13 times in a row.

Most guys get way too hung up on penis size and falsely believe they need to be huge to make women go crazy for them.

But making a woman obsessed with you comes down to how effectively you can penetrate her MIND.

Once you know how to do this, you can “manipulate” her responses. For starters, you can make her so incredibly sensitive that she o-gasms the moment you start entering her.

“Just the tip, just for a second,” can be enough to blow their minds. Who woulda thought?

Mindvana makes penis size, stamina, and everything else guys are concerned with, completely irrelevant.

Now you understand why I brag about being so “lazy” in bed. 😉

And while learning how to talk dirty to a woman is only one small part of the Mindvana Method, it’s probably the easiest component for you to learn.

Just watch my videos, memorize some of the things I say, and repeat them during se-x.

I did all the heavy lifting for you. Just copy and paste my lines into your own vocabulary, and watch your girl go absolutely nuts.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

(And yes, these lines also work over text message.)

Even if this Russian girl figures out how to become multi-orgasmic again on her own, she’s always going to be fantasizing about the guy with the silver tongue.

Hopefully she’ll encourage her bf to learn Mindvana. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll look to get her needs met elsewhere.

Girls crave these kind of experiences. Once they get a taste, they can never get enough.

And if you’re ready to be the man they’ll never stop thinking about, you can learn how to be a cunning linguist right here:

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P.S. Speaking of Russians, I have my yoga girl flying in from Miami tomorrow, so I’ll be out of commission for a few days. If you don’t hear from me by mid-week, please alert the paramedics. Much appreciated.

Talk soon,


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