The dead grandma marketing method that will make you filthy rich

I have to interrupt this week’s email series to share a great example of real-world hypnosis in action.

A few days ago, I decided to take an online workshop that teaches certain “spiritual practices” recommended to me by a buddy.

This type of class really isn’t my steeze, but I’ve been so bored out of my mind these past few months, I decided it might be helpful to shake things up a bit.

And I’m happy I signed up, or else I would have missed out on such a magical marketing moment.

Halfway through yesterday’s class, the teacher started ranting about the afterlife:

“In western culture, we like to think that our deceased relatives all end up singing kumbaya together while playing Parcheesi in Heaven. Well, I have to tell you that this is NOT the case.

If they are mean, nasty people, for instance… if they eat a bad diet and don’t take care of themselves… if they don’t work on themselves spiritually… there’s not going to be a happy ending for them.

Chances are, they’ll end up wandering around the ethereal realms with the other broken spirits that get stuck there for HUNDREDS OF YEARS.”

I can assure you that by the time his 8-hour lecture was finished, the only thing the students remembered him saying was, “I’m sorry to break it to you… but your grandma is FUKD!”

And this prompted some petrified young attendee to beg the guru for his guidance:

“Ummm… my Grandmother never hurt me on purpose, but let’s just say she had a lot of issues which now have me very concerned. Is there anything I can do to help her make her way back to source energy?”

And the teacher replied,

“Yes, of course you can help her. In fact, I have another class coming up next month that will teach you exactly how to help your deceased loved ones.”

And THAT is how you fill up a workshop. Definitely a legit strategy for becoming filthy rich.

But once the giant smirk finally left my face, I thought about it for a bit and concluded the following…

While there’s no hard evidence that my grandmother is out there all alone, wandering aimlessly in the dark, I’m still not sure I feel comfortable flipping that coin.

So I decided that I’ll be attending his next workshop, along with all the rest thereafter until he finally certifies me as a level 5000 resurrectionist.

Manufacturing a problem before offering up your solution is a solid marketing strategy. And he certainly deserves some points for originality.

Now before you say, “the average person would never fall for something like that,” you need to consider the context.

He’s pitching his existing students who all view him as an accomplished spiritual guru. I can assure you they take everything he suggests VERY seriously (as if their afterlife depends on it).

The authority principle trumps all.

And when it comes to pitching a viable solution to a manufactured problem, I did something similar when crafting the sales page for Mindvana (take a few minutes to check it out if you haven’t already seen it).

I wrote 10+ pages of info about the horrors of dating apps, “sugar babies,” and the ridiculous amount of competition that guys face today in the dating market, along with the need to have a solid advantage over every other guy out there.

The difference is, this is a very REAL problem if you happen to be single in today’s dating market.

And while the explosion of sugar babies and onlyfans performers is more prevalent in the bigger cities, it’ll soon be making it’s way to a tiny town near you (if it hasn’t already), so you might as well prepare yourself.

In other words, there’s even less quality women available than ever before, and these women have HUNDREDS of viable options.

Therefore, if you have any desire to land yourself a quality girl, then I’d highly recommend transforming yourself into the charming bad boy you were born to be (AFTER rescuing your Grandma from purgatory, of course).

And you can learn everything I know about meeting and seducing beautiful girls by getting your hands on the “Seduction Mastery Videos” that I bundled with the “Katie Sessions.”

Seduction Mastery was a project I started a few years back but never finished. And instead of letting the vids go to waste, I decided to give them away as fr-ee bonuses to Mindvana students.

Half of them come bundled with Mindvana Gold, and the rest (that ones that teach my seduction strategies) are bundled with the Mindvana Bonus Pack (called “The Katie Sessions”) which you can get your hands on right here:

>>>The Katie Sessions (MIndvana Bonus Pack)

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