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I mentioned the “meta model” yesterday and how it can be used to challenge unhelpful beliefs.

It’s a questioning technique that prompts your subject to explore and clarify their assumptions and generalizations.

It’s rather simple (and boring), but it’s incredibly useful for instilling doubt and breaking down stubborn beliefs that are standing in the way of your success.

Yesterday, I suggested you work on the belief “women don’t find me attractive” since it holds most men back from massive success in the dating game.

If I was walking a client through the reframing process and wanted to apply the meta model, I would start with a list of challenging questions, such as:

“NONE of them find you attractive? Not a single woman on the planet has even been attracted to you?”

“How do you know FOR SURE that women aren’t attracted to you? Can you list the behaviors a woman might display when she’s attracted? If not, how do you know you’re not just missing the signs?”

“What is it about women not being attracted to you that bothers you so much? What’s the real issue?”

And they might respond like this:

“Well, I guess some women find me attractive because I’ve had girlfriends in the past, but it’s not usually the women I’m attracted to. I don’t really know the signs, so I guess it’s possible that some girls are showing interest and I just don’t see it. I’m worried about this because if women aren’t attracted to me, I’ll probably never have a girlfriend and end up alone forever.”

Ok, so we loosened up their stance and got some additional information. Let’s keep going…

“It’s extremely common for men to struggle with attracting the women they ‘really like.’ Do you think you might be acting differently with the women you like vs. the ones you’re not interested in?”

“In fact, I know many guys who are far less physically attractive than you and still have girls all over them. Maybe your physical attractiveness isn’t the real issue here.”

“Are you aware that attraction works differently for women than for men? For instance, a girl you’re not attracted to will rarely make you change your mind, no matter how amazing she might be. But a woman who doesn’t find you attractive at first can end up head-over-heels for you, if you start behaving in an attractive way (aka: flirt with her like a boss).”

“You’re only going to end up alone if you let this crappy attitude stop you from working on yourself and learning the rules of the dating game. Guys who are nowhere near as sharp as you have mastered it, which means that you can, too, with a little bit of effort. Is it worth the time investment if it near-guarantees you’ll never end up alone?”

So now I’ve moved into offering up different viewpoints and helping my client see the problem (and the solution) from various angles.

And they might respond with:

“Yeah, it all makes sense. I don’t think I’m horrible looking but I lack confidence in myself sometimes. When I really like a girl, I get stuck in my head and worry too much about saying the right thing. I know that makes me come across as needy and unsure which most likely turns them off.

I also wasn’t aware than I can make a girl change her mind about me by the end of our first conversation. I’m not sure how to do that, but it feels good to know that this is a skill I can learn.”

And now they’re ready for the next step, which is learning how to be the most attractive version of themselves.

As you were reading this mock example, you may have found yourself thinking a bit differently about this issue, especially if it’s something that’s also been holding you back.

And that means, you’re probably also ready for the next step.

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