The goofy youtube channel that forces women to touch themselves

I’ve got a story for you today so buckle in…

20 years ago, I didn’t believe these things were possible. 10 years ago, I’d be convinced, but would never think they could happen to me.

And now these things happen so often they’re almost boring.

But before I share this story about a brainwashed little hottie, let me share some good news: I finally finished the first flowchart for the Mindvana Method.

It outlines all the important steps (in order) of the basic-through-intermediate material (I’ll eventually add the advanced stuff), and has detailed notes for helping you implement all the steps in the best order, including how to consistently induce o-gasms.

I’ve also included troubleshooting steps for each part, so anytime you get stuck, you’ll know exactly how to move forward.

This thing is badass and, in all honesty, I really dropped the ball by not releasing it much sooner.

It’s been added to week #20 for both Silver and Gold members, so you can go log-in and check it out after you finish reading this.

This past weekend, I received an email from a very attractive, well-educated 24-year-old who lives overseas. She was intrigued by my youtube channel and wanted help putting the spark back in her relationship.

We hopped on a text chat and she quickly opened up. Her biggest complaint, besides her bf rarely wanting se-x, is that he’s super passive. She expressed her need to have a dominant man in her life in order to feel satisfied.

It soon became obvious that she already had one foot out the door and wanted something else from me.

She confessed that she often watches my videos in the bathroom so she can touch herself, and how she can’t stop thinking about me and constantly hears my voice in her head.

So, being the gentleman that I am, I offered to show her a few parts of the Mindvana Method (the ones that can be used over text).

And by the end of it, she was begging me to fly out to see her… to lock her up in a room for a week and use her like a cheap ho (she enjoys being tied up, slapped around, and treated like a slave, just like most women).

I have to say that having these techniques in your arsenal is the next-best thing to being a celebrity.

You’ve probably never seen what a male celeb’s Instagram dm’s look like. When you’re at that level, girls literally throw themselves at you all day long.

You can argue that life as a “hot guy” is even better than life as a hot girl.

And 99% of men will never know what this is like, unless they use a hack like Mindvana, which unlocks a woman’s deepest primal urges.

You’re literally unleashing a beast inside them, transforming them into insatiable nymphos who can’t stop thinking about all the ways they want to please you.

The only thing you can’t control is their READINESS. Every girl has these desires locked away inside them, but they have to be ready and willing to let you unlock them. As you’ve seen in my videos, I work with a lot of girls who AREN’T ready (so you can see the contrast).

(For example, Katie, Kym, and Sabira were READY. Luciana, Masha, and Savannah were only partially open, due to having bf’s, and girls like Yosmi and T.C. were completely shut down to it.)

I won’t lie to you and say this works like gangbusters on every girl, but when you find one like this 24yo that’s ready to be unshackled, she will willingly give you a tremendous amount of power over her (and thank you profusely for taking control).

She said she felt “liberated” to have me control her after she asked me to “make me obey your every word, Daddy.”

Liberated. Like I just busted her out of Guantanamo.

(It wasn’t anything crazy – just had her touch herself and send nudes, but it’s better to take things slow.)

If a girl is open to what I have to offer and isn’t seriously dating someone, she’ll almost always want to sleep with me, afterwards. It’s a done deal.

And it doesn’t matter the lifestyle difference or the age difference (in this case, 18 years).

This girl is very attractive. She’s definitely sexy enough to be in one of my videos. And thanks to IG, I know that her boyfriend is much taller and better-looking than I am and seems to have his shit together.

But if he’s not fuc*ing her right, do you think any of that matters?

“But maybe it counts for something that he USED to fu*k her properly when they first met?”

Nope. Not at all.

I’m like a broken record when I harp on the importance of giving a woman the FEELINGS she craves, along with frequent (and powerful) se-xual experiences. Forever.

Stop watering a plant and it starts to wither and die.

It’s like that old Eddie Murphy skit: “Eddieeeee… what have you done for me lately?”

Or more like, “What have you done for my pus*y lately?”

The second you stop feeding their cravings, they start looking to get those needs met elsewhere. And “elsewhere” usually involves IG or Tinder.

This is a hot girl who lives 4000 miles away and has plenty of local guys she can hook up with. But instead of pursuing any of them, she chose to reach out to me, halfway around the world.

And while you might think it’s because the distance makes it ‘safe’ (since nothing can happen in real life), I can assure that, as soon as the lockdown ends, she’ll be trying to meet up in-person.

This is after just ONE conversation, via text. I already know all of her deepest se-xual fantasies. And once again, she said the same line I hear from every girl…

“I’ve never felt this way before.”

Check out the new Kym vid on youtube. “I’ve never felt this way before, Jay.”

They all say this. Every one. And that’s BEFORE I have sex with them. (Kym didn’t even have o-gasms in that session but was already crazy about me. On a side note, it’s more important to have a strong trigger for arousal that you can keep cranking up until it’s unbearable.)

So let me ask you…

Do you want the women you date to feel exactly the same way they’ve felt with dozens of other men?

Or do you want to make them feel something THEY’VE NEVER FELT BEFORE… something they can’t get from anyone else?

Do you want to be a quarter pounder with cheese, or a slab of Olive Wagyu that she might get a chance to try once in her lifetime?

You can be a commodity or you can be PRIZED. It’s your choice.

Getting back to the story, maybe she’ll choose to stay with her bf and live happily ever after.

But if I end sleeping with her for real, then this story is going to have a terrible ending. She’ll have to give up her life in Europe and move back to the states, so she can be around me 24-7.

On a positive note, since I’m in-between girls at the moment, there’s plenty of room for her on the floor next to my bed. And after I make it so she o-gams like crazy whenever she picks up a broom, it’ll be the next-best thing to having a cleaning lady who smokes meth on the job.

All kidding aside, she’s a sweet and sexy girl that most guys would kill to have as a gf. And even if we weren’t in any way compatible and had nothing in common (besides our shared love of all things Jay Cataldo), she’d still be happier with me than with anyone else.


Because with me, she’ll get to express all the hidden sides of herself without judgement, while feeling all the feelings she’s been desperate to feel her entire life.

On top of that, she’ll also get to feel the pleasure that comes from pleasing a dominant man who consistently fulfills all her desires.

These things take precedence over everything else on a woman’s checklist – it’s what they’re all looking for, deep down.

And who better to learn this from than yours truly… who was recently referred to as a “perverted cult leader with integrity.”

Best compliment ever. Brings me to tears.

So if you’re sick and tired of LOSING this game (and if you’re not having experiences like this, or happily hitched to a woman who loves to please you, then you’re LOSING), then why not jump on the offer I made last week?

I offered to teach my entire system (that took me over 6 years to flesh out) to anyone willing to learn it. This is a system that will bring beautiful girls straight to your front door (literally), so you can give them the experience they want more than anything else on the planet.

Look, I’m a lazy bastard and I rarely leave my house. Even before covid hit, my weekly routine consisted of nothing more than working on my biz, lifting weights in my basement, and shooting my guns.

You think I want to waste time trying to pick up girls when I can have them hand-delivered while I’m writing you guys emails? (This one said she’d happily bring me other girls if I hang out with her, and we haven’t even met, yet – we had ONE conversation over text.)

As you already know, so much of what I do with these girls is taught in Mindvana. But lots of guys want to know what ELSE I’m doing with them, before and after the video shoots.

I give away tons of clues about this in Mindvana Gold, especially in the interview vids. But astute guys realized there was more, so they kept asking.

And that led me to finally spill the beans about everything, especially since the lockdown is giving you an unprecedented opportunity to pull this off BIGLY.

Yes, working with me 1-on-1 is expensive, and the system will take some time to set up, just like anything else that’s truly valuable in life.

But when it comes to surrounding yourself with beautiful girls who are HUNGRY for your presence… then this is the next best thing to actually becoming famous.

After you make the decision to put the work in to learn this, you can relax and be just as lazy as I am. If you build it, they will cum.

I opened this up with 4 available slots. As of today, I have 2 left and they should be filled by the end of the week.

If you want in, then jump on this fast because my lazy ass WILL be getting off the couch to slam these doors shut. (We can hop on a quick call if you have some questions first, no prob.)

After these spots are gone, you’ll be stuck living vicariously through my stories, instead of living these adventures yourself.

Grab life by the balls or get kicked in the nuts. Your choice.

And if you’re not interested in having multiple playmates, that’s totally fine. You can use this system to keep your one special woman happy for the rest of your days together.

OR you can slack off like 99% of men and risk losing everything, because you weren’t feeding your relationship what it needs to survive.

Again, this is only for 2 guys. And if you’re struggling with cash at the moment, this won’t be a good fit for you.

That’s a wrap. Go check out that Mindvana Flowchart in week #20 and feel free to ask me all the questions you want (post them in the comment section below the document).

C ya,


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