Borat’s daughter LOVES Mindvana (new vid)

Check out this footage of Sabira from the Mindvana project.

She’s a muslim girl from Kazakhstan who came to NYC to become a stripper. #lifegoals #crushingit

In this vid, you’ll see she was quite fond of my company. In other words, she flung her p*ussy at me with such velocity that I was nearly decapitated.

But in an unfortunate turn of events, I had another girl on the way over to make sexy-time, so I withheld the D and showed poor Sabira the door, unintentionally disemboweling her sense of worth.

Not surprisingly, I received a nasty email the next day, right before she moved back to Kazakhstan, putting an end to my dream of joining forces (and bloodlines) with Borat.

Be careful with Mindvana. It ruins lives.

Sneaky Arousal Triggers With Sabira



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