The irritating motivation method for bedroom slackers

I was chatting with a “Loving Obsession Protocol” student who was a bit taken aback by how much material I packed into it, along with everything I do when I want a girl to fall completely in love with me.

As my Mindvana students know, I’m a big proponent of stacking the deck in my favor, sometimes to the point of overkill.

And LOP can definitely be considered “excessive.”

But when your goal is to make beautiful women (who have tons of options) realize that they can’t get a better experience anywhere else, then you have no choice but to step your game up HARD. And part of this entails squashing any and all lazy tendencies you may have.

It’s helpful to think of every bedroom experience as an opportunity to make your girl fall even more in love with you.

And while it would be foolish not to take full advantage of these opportunities, I’ll be the first to admit that when you have se-x on tap, it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to deliver a 5-star dining experience.

As I explained to my student, “Sometimes I’m just not in the mood and would rather ignore a girl for a week than climb back into bed for even 5 more minutes. But then I realize my buddy, Doctor Poosy, will be using his fabled ‘duck a l’Orange technique’ on 3 different girls this weekend. As soon as that thought hits, I’ll slam the laptop shut in a furious rage and put myself back into the game.”

The bottom line is this: Getting a new girl is the easy part… But keeping her in love with you for years is HARD. And a big part of this is consistently producing the feelings she so desperately craves (including the ones that can only be manufactured in the bedroom).

And as the laws of the dating market dictate, if you’re not willing to deliver, she’s gonna start looking elsewhere.

So first learn all you can about blowing a woman’s mind, and then motivate yourself to consistently deliver the goods in a way that makes you the only guy she can’t stop thinking about.

One of the easiest ways to light that spark in your behind is thinking about all the villains out there (such as yours truly) who are willing and able to strap your girl into a se-xual roller-coaster and make her so dizzy that she forgets that any other man ever came before him. 😉

Funny enough, during lunch on Wednesday, Doctor Poonslayer had this to say:

“Yesterday, my girl came home late from work horn-y and ready to pounce. I looked at the clock and told her no way. But then I started thinking, ‘Damn it… Jay gives his yoga girl 4 hours of marathon se-x with that 80-yo-man heart-attack-proof se-x technique. I can’t let myself slack.’”

Sharp minds motivate themselves alike.

So go step your game up and never get caught slacking. Because a dog who isn’t properly walked will chew up all your furniture.

Speaking of which, my Russian girl is flying in tonight for some marathon dog walking. And if I somehow survive these next 3 nights, I plan on launching a blitzkrieg on my to-do list, since I have a backlog of products and videos I need to bang out.

For the next few months, I’ll be working on:

New youtube videos

A new Mindvana video package (containing the Katie and Ashlee sessions, plus a few new girls)

A new, simpler version of Mindvana that anyone can learn in 15 minutes (Mindvana Lite)

Mindvana Season 2 (I haven’t put much thought into this yet, but it’s time to test out some new material on the brand new casting couch.)

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, reply to this email with your suggestions and requests. I’d love to hear what you’re most interested in learning.

Ciao for now,


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