The average person is completely asleep and this proves it (video)

I sent my Russian girl home on Sunday night and I’m finally starting to come back to life. 3 days of marathon bedroom acrobatics wipes you out, even when you do it completely sober.

Sometimes I feel like a dog who would happily eat himself to death if given the chance. I certainly came close this weekend, but that’s the risk you take when your goal is “locking a girl’s soul.”

Anyhoo, someone sent in a video which showcases an interesting example of social engineering – more specifically, “tailgating,” which is convincing someone to give you access to a secure building or location.

Funny enough, all this guy did was walk around with a ladder while acting like he BELONGED wherever he was. And he got away with it because most people live their lives in an auto-pilot trance state (especially when working), which leaves them ripe to be influenced by an authority figure (or someone who simply ASSUMES authority).

The infamous hypnotist Ross Jeffries coined the term “trance-hijacking” which is the art of directing a person’s naturally occurring trance states. In this example, the social engineer used the ladder to telegraph a message of “I belong here” that very few people will bother to question.

Even if you have no desire to sneak into restricted areas, it’s useful to consider the many ways you can use trance-hijacking to your advantage.

For example, just the act of stopping a girl on the street interrupts her current trance and puts her in another. A skillful seduction engineer can then guide her thoughts/focus in the direction of getting a phone number, instant-date, etc.

And as you know from reading my emails, se-x is another form of trance that can also be easily hijacked without the need for a “formal” hypnotic induction. This is one of the reasons why my Loving Obsession Protocol is so powerful, while also being incredibly simple to implement, even if you know very little about hypnosis.

Once you start looking for naturally occurring trance states, you’ll start noticing them everywhere. In the meantime, go check out the video and let me know what you think…

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