The most effective defense you have against “evil” persuasion methods

As you know, I don’t like commenting on politics because there’s no point in getting caught up in all the nonsense. Life is stressful enough.

However, I’d like you to take a moment and consider the concept of “identity.”

“The set of characteristics by which a person or thing is definitively recognizable or known. A psychological identity relates to self-image, self-esteem, and individuality.”

Have you noticed how various identities are constantly being labeled, relabeled, dismantled and re-created via social engineering efforts?

People who are collectively bound by a strong identity tend to be formidable opponents. Instead of attacking them head-on, it’s a smart play to first replace their core identity with one that you’ve selected and shaped.

In other words, set up strict parameters for how they should think and behave.

Many of these “establishment approved” identities seem like complete opposites, giving you the illusion of choice. But no matter which one you adopt, you’ll still be trapped in a box, all the while believing you’re a free thinker capable of exerting his free will.

The powers that be understand just how easy it is to make someone hate their country, their family, their generation, their race, their religion, or even themselves.

The bulk of today’s warfare is fought on the mental plane. If you can get inside your enemy’s mind, you might not ever need to pick up a gun.

“Don’t be fooled by the Internet. There is a war going on. The battlefield’s in the mind. And the prize is the soul.” – Prince (back in 1999)

We’re all bombarded with reprogramming attempts dozens of times each day. It never stops. Not for a second.

It’s happening right now, in fact, as I direct your attention with my words.

Start paying attention so you can learn to spot the telltale signs of attempted influence. Your best defense, as always, is becoming fully aware of how these subtle manipulation tactics are being used against you.

Don’t make it so easy for them.

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