She pointed at my crotch and said, “Ha! Peeni55!”

I was going through some old youtube videos and was reminded of the time the grabby Dominican girl tried to yank my disco stick without permission. I still talk to my therapist about it every week.

Anyhoo, I apologize for the clickbaity headline. Happiness is no laughing matter.

Brian writes in with a question…


“Wow. First off thank you for taking the time to respond to me. So I read & reread your response & you hit the nail on the head. I intrinsically knew that money wouldn’t make me truly happy, hence the ‘happiness set point.’

So how do you suggest I ‘change my mental operating system & train myself to be happy throughout the most mundane parts of my life, and be in a great place, overall?’” – Brian


It’s not difficult to change your “happiness set point.” It just takes some consistent effort.

Let’s first define it…

Picture a number line… we’ll make 0 “neutral,” +10 “ecstatically happy,” and -10 “miserably depressed.”

Your “set point” is your general level of happiness – not necessary the “average” of all your scores, but the place where you tend to reside most often.

No matter where your set point is on that line, you’ll tend to naturally bounce right back to it no matter how far you occasionally end up in either direction.

Kinda like a lost dog sniffing his way back home.

I would say that most people live their lives in a constant state of agitation, always looking for something to boost their mood, from coffee/sugar, to a night of binge drinking, to a Vegas vacation.

We can assume their set point lies somewhere beneath the neutrality of 0.

In my opinion, you should strive to crank up your happiness set point to about a +3 (which means that +2 or 3 becomes your new default state).

You don’t want it too high, however. A +3 is effortlessly sustainable, whereas a +8 is not. (What goes up, comes crashing down hard.)

Starting out above zero also means you’ll be less likely to fall TOO far when “bad” things happen. Even when sh*t hits the fan, your Lassie-like Subconscious Mind will quickly bring you back to your +3 without much effort on your part.

So how do we jack our number up?

The entire 1st track from my “Limitless” program is stacked to the brim with mindset shifts and exercises that will have you well on your way.

And if you want to speed things up even faster, then I recommend doing the 2 homework assignments at the very end of that track for at least 30 days in a row.

The Limitless track is one of 4 surprise bonuses I recently added to the “7-Day Quick Start Home Study Course.” If you own this program, then log into our Teachable portal and you’ll find this mp3 in the bonus section of the 7-Day Course.

I’m guessing less than 20% of people who own the program have listened to that track, and maybe less than 5% have actually done the homework assignments.

Kinda sad, since there’s nothing more important than the ability to be happy and content no matter what’s happening (or not happening) in your life.

If you don’t yet have the program, but you wanna get yourself (and your blood pressure) on the right side of the bell curve…

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