The most important video I’ve ever released?

The new Mindvana video I’ve been promising everyone is finally finished.

But first, here’s a quick update on the girl I told you about last week… the one who begged me to come punish her naughty parts.

Apparently, her boyfriend read our text chat and lost his sh*t.

The Mindvana sext-ing was bad enough, but this part was arguably worse:

“Jay… It’s funny I reached out to you for help fixing my se-x life but now all I wanna do is fu*k you instead. When are you coming?”

Judging by what she’s told me, this dude has made multiple mistakes leading up to this situation. Mistakes which could have easily been avoided, if only he knew what you’re about to learn in my latest video.

Since Mindvana is all about safeguarding relationships and keeping women happy, loving, and loyal for a lifetime, this is arguably the most important video I’ve ever released.

And I’m happy to report that the raw, unfiltered truth contained herein is guaranteed to make even the most demure of women start screeching like a blue-haired feminist, due to how MANIPULATIVE these techniques are.

But let’s not forget that women have been manipulating men since the dawn of time, since 99% of guys have no clue how to defend themselves.

And that’s why 99% of men would benefit from a video designed to make you immune to feminine weapons, while giving you an incredible amount of power and control over them.

You had a good run, ladies, but the jig is up.

Now, if you’re still on fence about Mindvana, I’m sorry to say that you won’t be able to get your hands on this video, because it’s not for sale.

It’s 100% free, in fact, but only to Mindvana Gold members.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if my most astute students find this 49min video to be worth more than the price of the entire program.

So if you’re part of the club, then go log into Teachable so you can check out bonus video #19 (and be prepared to take extensive notes). It just might save your relationship one day.

OR you can roll the dice and hope that you won’t succumb to any of the fatal relationship mistakes… ones that could push your girlfriend into the arms of a charming scoundrel stalking the periphery of her insta-inbox.

It can happen to anyone. Be careful.


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