The new Mindvana videos are LIVE

The new Mindvana bonus pack “The Katie Sessions” is now available, and it’s on sale until midnight Friday evening.

As I mentioned last week, these videos are not for everybody. So read this email carefully before you decide to pull the trigger.

“Who should purchase this?”

This batch of videos will be most beneficial to existing Mindvana students who have at least a few months of Mindvana training under their belts.

If you have no experience with any of this material (or any previous hypnosis experience), then you might get confused by what you see. My session notes for each video will be included, but I won’t be explaining principles that were already covered in the original program.

So… if you’re not an existing student but you want to take advantage of the discount AND get the most value from this video pack, then I would recommend purchasing Mindvana along with it.

If not, while you may enjoy watching me “show off” in these vids, you’re not going to learn much, nor will you be able to get the same results (which should be your #1 goal).

So if you don’t plan on scooping up Mindvana, you should smash the “pass” button on this one.

The caveat is if you’re mostly interested in learning the dating/seduction strategies that are taught in the “Seduction Mastery Videos” bundled in as fr-ee bonuses.

These videos, alone, are worth FAR MORE than the cost of the entire product.

And just a side note about the Seduction Mastery vids…

Most of this content will not be NEW material. I’ve compiled the most effective strategies from the best PUA and seduction teachers out there… techniques and strategies that I use myself because I know they work…

…but if you’ve been studying PUA stuff since the early days, and you follow all the top teachers and buy all of their products, then you’ll find very little content inside that you haven’t seen elsewhere.

(Granted, it’s very well organized and streamlined so you can easily put it to use, but it may not be NEW to you.)

But for everyone else, this information could very well be worth its weight in GOLD (if improving your dating life is something that’s important to you), considering it’ll easily shave 5 years off your learning curve.

Lastly, if you’re a Platinum Mindvana member, you’ll be receiving this bonus pack for fr-ee, so expect it to pop up in your Teachable account in the next 24 hours.

(If you’ve been holding off on getting started with Mindvana, this is a great time to consider a Platinum membership.

Along with your 1-on-1 lessons with me, you’ll also receive all of the Mindvana Gold videos, this new bonus pack, the NYC Workshop videos, AND the Loving Obsession Protocol [which is a $1995 stand-alone product]. Private lessons will ensure that you’ll get up to speed as quickly as possible, as I look over your shoulder every step of the way.)

And just an fyi, there will be no refunds for this one. If you’re new around here and not familiar with the quality of my content, then go start with Mindvana or Mindvana Lite (both of which have money-back guarantees).

This bonus pack will be on sale for the next 5 days,which means you’ll save $100 if you scoop it up before Friday evening.

If this all sounds good to you, then go click the link and check it out:

>>>The Katie Sessions – Mindvana Bonus Pack


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