The secret seduction sequence hidden inside Mindvana

One not-so-obvious thing I do in almost all of my Mindvana sessions is maintain a se-xual vibe throughout the entire interaction (and not just during the “naughty” parts).

The “vibe” isn’t something that’s detectable to the average person. And it’s one of the key components of every “stealth seduction,” as in…

“I saw some guy approach a hottie in a club and make goofy faces at her, and 5 seconds later they were making out. WTF!”

Here’s why I do this…

While Mindvana was originally designed to be a relationship enhancement product, I knew that lots of guys would want to use the material with women they were interested in dating.

So, I selected lots of pretty girls for the project, in order to demonstrate all the additional things I would do if I was interested in seducing a woman who asked for a demo.

If I wasn’t attracted to the girls, it wouldn’t be authentic. I’d have to fake my way through the process, rather than showing you how it should look in the real world.

So I chose a bunch of cuties and got to work. And if you study those sessions carefully, you’ll notice that there are 4 things I do differently when I’m interested in the girl:

  1. I turn on (and maintain) a se-xual vibe throughout the entire interaction (not just during the hypnosis parts).
  2. I flirt heavily (pull/push, qualification, and all the other tactics I teach in “Seduction Mastery”).
  3. I get them imagining the two of us being naughty together.
  4. I make them unbearably aroused and set a trigger so I can elicit the state on command.

Just keep in mind that I won’t do ANY of these things during a therapeutic session.

When a woman comes to me for help with a problem, I completely shut off my se-xuality and keep things strictly professional. It’s important to have firm boundaries in place when working in a therapeutic capacity.

But for your recreational sessions, you should be giving the lucky lady the full Mindvana experience.

The “Seduction Mastery” vids that come bundled with Mindvana Gold will teach you all the other techniques I’m using that are hiding in plain sight but that the uninitiated wouldn’t be able to pick up on.

And you can learn them all right here:

>>>Learn how to give women irresistible pleasure and make them addicted to your presence with the Mindvana Method

Ciao for now.


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