The white-bearded Mindvana Maniac terrorizing Mexican locals

One of our members wanted to share his south-of-the-border adventures. It’s quite the bumpy ride…


For the past 40 plus years, I lived a very vanilla life. No spice to speak of.

A few years back, I had a divorce, made a decision, moved to Mexico and started life anew. ALL good decisions by the way.

I have taken a few courses that WISH they were as complete as Mindvana, OK? I am a hypnotist, I already was able to make my woman o-gasm on command in a multitude of ways. But, I could not get her past the “hump” if you will. I could not get her to go into and STAY in o-gasm to save my life.

When Jay told me he was about to release Mindvana, I was excited! Why? Because he covers ALL of the things that can fail. How to avoid them, and or how to get past them and continue on.

Jays “hook” was his troubleshooting portions of the course. But, he went a lot farther, I mean, the man hamstrung himself intentionally in his entire Mindvana creation! Face it Jay, you CAUSED yourself problems brother! Talk about a serious LACK of proper screening! TC???????

Jay knew long before he tried to do the induction, that one was pretty much beyond help. You cannot help those who do not want it.

Anyway, I took the course. My situation changed again and I found myself single at 56. I threw caution to the wind, I started looking at the gorgeous young things and working it a little. I did not go all in because that is not how I operate. Until the target is locked in my crosshairs of course. There was this pretty, perky young thing who insisted on taking me home one night. I think she was 23, cute as a button and tight as a new snare drum!

Well, the bi*tch went and got mouthy in town! I live in a town of around 10,000 permanent residents, south of Cancun. Yeah, she couldn’t keep her yap shut. Now I get no rest! Everywhere I go, they are on me! I had a reputation before all this started. They heard about it in Guadalajara a few hours north by air, when I covertly hypnotized a Cantina manager and had her getting messed up drinking water! Well, She thought it was tequila so there is that….

One mouthy girl can sure change things. Her and her “friend” are supposed to be making me dinner shortly. I am not going to count off those who have come AT me, OK? I mean one girl slipped into the bathroom, removed her bra and panties, came to my table throwing the ta-tas around in my face, then handed me her panties! But you know the best part of all this? I get a LOT of pus*y and I probably turn down 5 or 6 for every one I agree to have a drink with, much less go home with. Cream of the crop.

Before the virus thing closed tourism completely, I had tourist girls seeking me out because “they heard!” It’s crazy! An old man, with a white beard, chasing off virtual teens who are demanding attention. How do you beat that?

So, when Jay say’s “Yes, I sound like a douchey braggart. But if I didn’t share these stories, you’d think I was peddling snake oil.”

The latest one I am enjoying is 2,000 miles away, till the border opens again. She sent me a Text the other day about 30 minutes after we had a video chat.

“Goddamn, you’re the shit! The makeover is fantastic but so is cumming my brains out before the second cup of coffee. You’re right. It’s impossible to be neurotic when you feel this fuking good.”

So, I think she likes it. She found out I was hunting a particular watch I want, then ran out and bought it for me! The best price I could find for that watch was pushing three grand! I am supposed to fly up to the states and help her drive her new Cooper Mini back down here, she is moving in.

However, understand this, as I prepare to go north for awhile, she is lining up “playmates” for us! I think the oldest one so far is 47, the youngest is just out of diapers I think, but, she is technically legal. We made a video, a crappy video BTW during a video chat. She is showing it to every young, tight, good looking girl she can find and asking if I want them!

So, “Goddamn Jay, you’re the shi*t!”

I have always found Jay to be pretty modest. But then, I understand what he does, to a certain degree…..

Now, the funny thing is Jay’s reference to “Snake oil salesmen” in the message. You see, I read an Email this new one sent another girl. That was the reference. “This guy is not a snake oil salesman like the rest!”

Fu*k modesty Jay, Take a well earned bow brother!


The bio-engineered Mindvana virus is spreading across all continents, infecting the immune-compromised hearts and vaginas of women the world over.

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