Therapeutically drowning in a tsunami of hotties

I wrote last week about the importance of having multiple options when it comes to the dating game.

A steady flow of high-quality leads, if you will.

There are so many ways a seduction can go sideways – many of them no fault of your own.

We talked about “silly buggers” but there’s also ex-bf drama, menstrual cycles, mercury retrograde, past life karma (from that time you slaughtered an entire village), and, most recently, the endless lockdown of doom.

Oh, and snowstorms. I’m staring out my window at a blizzard, cursing out the hot Mexican weather girl (weather woman?) who predicted this nonsense.

Of course, I’m peeved that the cutie who was supposed to come by today had to cancel, but I have an even bigger girl problem that’s been weighing heavily on my mind.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get together with Adriana (Brazilian model from Mindvana Lite), but the US seems to be blocking entry for Brazilian nationals.

On top of that, I stupidly let my passport expire a few months back because “self-sabotage” (aka: my subconscious harbors some not-so-secret anger towards my penis).

Like I mentioned last week, the best remedy for hitting a wall with any one girl is another lead dump into the pipeline.

I might have gone a little overboard last week because I’m now trying to juggle 20 new hotties who all want to be Mindvana’d, but I only have 3 open slots each week to squeeze them into.

A conundrum of epic proportions. But trust me when I say there’s no better distraction than a seemingly impossible puzzle.

The point of all this?

Every problem has a solution and opportunities are everywhere, hiding in plain sight.

People are complaining about how the lockdown is ruining everything, but there are just as many people who will figure out ways to thrive despite everything that’s happening.

Getting stuck in a “doom and gloom” mindset shuts down your ability to discover unique solutions to all that ails ya.’

I created my model pipeline out of necessity. I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship at the time and needed a way to meet lots of beautiful girls.

The problem was that I had no social outlets (I’m practically a hermit) and I’m not good-looking enough to pull hotties through dating apps.

But instead of crying about it, I got resourceful.

And after lots of trial and error, I now have a foolproof system for flooding my life with a stream of smokeshows that works anywhere in the world I might find myself.

It kinda looks like this…

It’s also something that can be taught and easily replicated by anyone, which allows me to use it as an additional income stream since it works like gangbusters and leads to many happy coaching clients.

Again, this entire thing was birthed from a cauldron of pain and frustration.

Sometimes you have to smash your face into a wall before you can start seeing clearly. (Plus, chicks dig dudes with facial scars.)

To wrap up this example, we all know that a stack of high-quality leads, by themselves, won’t put food on your table.

You’ll still have to SELL.

And one of the easiest ways to make girls intrigued and start “selling” them on what you have to offer, is introducing them to the incredible feelings that Mindvana produces on command.

Just be aware that one of the unfortunate side-effects of Mindvana is random and impromptu sexy-time.

Horrible, I know. Have condoms at the ready.

And remember, fearless leader Fauci recommends a 3-condom stack for extra protection during these perilous times.

And while triple-wrapping it can get expensive, you can still learn Mindvana Lite, 100% fr-ee of charge, right here.

>>>Learn the Mindvana Lite system of making women feel amazing with a simple meditation exercise

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