When a beautiful girl wants to play “silly buggers”

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the dating game is getting hung up on any one particular girl.

This isn’t so much a “mistake” as it is a horrible trap to fall into.

As you start becoming infatuated with a girl, not only will you find yourself in a state of low-level anxiety throughout your day, but you’ll tend to act weird and awkward whenever you hang out out with her.

One of the main reasons for the infatuation is due to constantly thinking about her when you’re not with her.

The more you like a girl, the LESS you should be thinking about her. Whenever a date ends, you need to say to yourself “out of sight, out of mind.”

If not, you’ll likely end up convincing yourself that she’s “special” in some way.

This tends to happen with the most attractive girl we’re currently talking to. When a girl is much hotter than the rest of your options, it’s easy to over-inflate her importance.

And the same thing tends to happen if she’s your ONLY option.

But the biggest reason for getting knotted up over a girl is what my British buddy refers to as “silly buggers.”

This is an extensive category of girly bullsh*t behavior, such as ending dates early, showing massive interest before going ice cold, cancelling plans at the last minute with goofy excuses, ghosting you out of the blue (even after se-x), etc.

I’ve always referred to this as “stripper game.” And regardless of whether girls do this on purpose to drive you nuts or they just can’t help it, it most certainly works to get men obsessing and chasing.

But again, this is a terrible trap to fall into. And it’s also just as bad to sit around trying to figure out WHY your little cutie is acting so erratic.

Just chalk it up to “silly buggers.”

And the remedy?

Why, “keep calm and carry on,” of course.

Your goal is to be a zen monk of the mating game. No matter what bs gets thrown your way, you need to immediately push it out of your mind and bring yourself back to a state of zen-like calm.

One famous manosphere guru put it like this:

“No matter what happens, my toes will still be tappin’.”

But this is no easy feat. And it becomes nearly impossible for most guys to pull off when they’re only talking to one girl.

One of the major reason why women disappear on a whim is that they’re OVERLOADED with options.

Sure, you had fun together last night, but she’s seeing another 3 guys later in the week. By the time Monday rolls around, she won’t even remember your name.

And in the meantime, you’re sitting home alone, planning your next date while allowing yourself to think about her constantly.

There’s a gut punch coming your way. it’s gonna sting, for sure.

It’s brutal out there, so I would advise you to level the playing field by filling up your pipeline with multiple prospects. The more girls you’re talking to, the less likely you’ll get hung up on any one of them.

And whenever you have a girl in front of you, be sure to stand out from everyone else and hook her HARD.

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