“Unethical Hypnosis” makes women quickly fall in love with you

My new Russian girl flew back to Miami on Sunday night, but I’m still stuck in recovery mode and coffee ain’t helpin. I sure could use an epinephrine shot to the heart, a la Pulp Fiction.

But, all in all, it was definitely a successful weekend.

On Saturday, somewhere between her seventh and seventeenth o-gasm, she started laughing and blurted out (in her cute Russian accent):

“Ok, I make it official. I love you.”

And while you can never completely trust a woman’s words, there’s a look in their eyes that’s unmistakable and nearly impossible to fake.

When you see that look, you know you’ve locked them down in a way that would make Satan, himself, question his soul-snatching abilities.

And I’m embarrassed to report that I still haven’t formally hypnotized her. (What a lazy sack of sh*t I am.)

Now, silly question… why might it be a good idea to snatch a woman’s soul?

For starters, when a woman is completely in love, you’re constantly on her mind. She’ll start thinking up new ways to please you while getting herself all worked up at the thought of seeing you again.

This creates a rather useful propulsion system that runs in the background of her thoughts, continuously intensifying her feelings for you.

Next, if she hasn’t already, she’ll start making herself as attractive as possible for you, regardless of how much it might choke her poor piggy bank.

New outfits, makeup, waxing, manicures, lingerie, etc. Some girls will even spend their money on expensive gifts for you, like clothes, furniture, watches, and anything else you might need.

She’ll also get wet whenever you touch her, or while just thinking about you (which further reinforces her love for you).

Se-x will be on tap, whenever you want it, in any way you want it. But, even more importantly, she’ll want to do things to please you, all day long.

Things like cooking a meal from scratch while dressed like a high-class escort.

“Baby, I make you my borscht. It’s yammy and good for liver.”

Life is much better when your girl is hopelessly in love.

In case you’re not aware, there’s a very specific recipe I use when I first start dating someone that helps me obliterate the competition and pretty much guarantee that my lady goes completely gaga.

Even more importantly, it allows me to MAINTAIN her love and devotion for as long as I want to be with her.

This recipe is made up of specific actions you’ll take OUTSIDE the bedroom, along with a particular approach to se-x (which includes the “types” and frequency of se-x, the things you say to her, and the variety of emotions you induce). Just like with Mindvana, o-gasms, alone, aren’t enough to hook them.

The last time I used this system was when I first met my ex-girlfriend, and that relationship lasted 8 years.

The girl before her (my ex-ex) lived on the west coast, which made it more difficult to keep her crazy about me (since we only saw each other every few months).

But I kept that going strong for almost 2 years before I decided to part ways.

(Fun fact: the ex-ex is semi-famous now. She recently ran for congress in Cali.)

Most pick up artists and relationship coaches have no problem finding new girls to hook up with, but most are God-awful at maintaining their relationships.

Personally, I’ve always been more of a relationship guy than a casual se-x guy. And at the risk of sounding like a pompous douche, I believe I’m one of the very few coaches in the world who can teach you exactly how to keep your woman in love with you for a lifetime.

Look, these days it’s incredibly easy to get laid. You can find plenty of girls who are looking for causal se-x, and it’s even easier if you’re willing to pay for it.

But it’s much, much harder to make a girl fall in love with you.

And even if you managed to acquire a woman’s love and devotion, it’s nearly worthless unless you know how to KEEP that woman in love with you.

I’m guessing that less than 1% of men in the world know how to do this, consistently. And since it’s so vitally important for men to have this skill-set, I’m considering putting together a new product that teaches my entire falling-in-love protocol.

Mindvana is a HUGE piece of the puzzle, and it gives you a strong foundation. But you’ll also need to have your se-x game on lock.

The days of traditionally courting a woman for months over milkshakes and walks in the park are long gone. You have almost NO chance of acquiring a woman’s love unless you IMMEDIATELY start fulfilling her bedroom needs.

And because women have so many options these days, you must stand out in her mind right off the bat, or you might not get a second chance to fix your meager first impression.

The good news is that 99% of men are clueless, so it takes very little effort to make them all irrelevant.

For instance, here are 2 simple things you can do in the bedroom to completely set you apart from your competition:

1: Pretend you’re about to go to jail

Whenever I have a new girl in my bed, my brain queues up a mental recording that sounds something like this:

“Dude, the feds are on the way. You’re going to jail forever. This is literally the last time you will EVER touch a woman for the rest of your life. Make it count, you impossibly lazy bastard.”

This mantra helps me se-x a woman multiple times in a row, for days on end.

If a woman spends a weekend with me, she’ll be in my bed almost the entire time. Just one session, for example, might last over 3 hours (with a few 10min breaks throughout).

In all honesty, at a certain point it stops being enjoyable for me. But I remind myself that it’s mandatory.

And whenever I think about tapping out and taking a long, much-needed nap, I imagine that I can hear the steady hiss of a tear gas canister, as the authorities breach my front door.

I wipe away my tears in haste, and get right back to work.

Yes, on Sunday evening she’ll be dizzy and incredibly sore. As she’s icing her wounded entrance, she might proclaim that she’s abstaining from all se-xual activity until New Year’s.

But on Monday, without fail, she’ll be texting how much she misses me and how badly she needs more lovin, even though she can barely hobble to the bathroom without assistance.

And I know this sounds like bull, because every Chad out there is all like “Dooood… I banged her for hours, bro. She came like a billion times. Sh*t was wizardly. I’m talkin straight-up Hairy Pooter and the Deathly Swallows.”

In reality, the average guy may do the deed 3 or 4 times max, before he’s wiped out. Unless you’re still in your early twenties, it’s too draining for a man to have that much se-x without sufficient recovery time.

Unless, of course, you know the secrets to lasting for hours with barely any energy expenditure, while ALSO keeping your girl completely immersed in the experience (so she doesn’t get bored).

“Hours? Da fuq. Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I get it. You’re super busy with life. But this isn’t something you have to do every time you see your girl.

However, if you want to massively increase the probability of making her obsessed with you, there are some things you should be doing right from the get-go.

Once she’s hooked on your heroin, you can then dole out much smaller doses of the China white. But this only works if she’s already ADDICTED.

(Horrible analogy, I know. But it’s fitting. And is it still unethical if the drugs are metaphorical??? I struggle with Zen koans.)

And let’s not forget about number 2…

2: Massively increase her sensitivity

If you want to make a woman go crazy for you, it’s incredibly useful to crank up her physical sensitivity so high, that the slightest touches make her vibrate with pure pleasure.

Mindvana will teach you a few ways to do this. There are others.

Have you ever had a woman shiver uncontrollably whenever you gently touched her back? Or how about hyperventilate while looking into your eyes?

Once she’s in this state, just imagine how amazing penetration will feel to her.

And it doesn’t matter if you use hypnosis to get her to this point. She’ll never think “Well, he’s using hypnosis to make me feel this way so it doesn’t count.”

Instead, she’ll be thinking…

“Oh my f-ing God, I can’t stop shaking. I’ve never felt this way with a guy before. And I’m not even naked, yet!”

There’s a lot more to my magic love potion than these 2 pieces. But these principles, by themselves, will get you incredible reactions and make you stand out from the pack.

(Note: You don’t HAVE to do any of this. With some women, giving them garbage se-x and then immediately rolling off them to check your text messages CAN be enough to make them crazy about you. Some women get off on feeling “used” by a man and will like you more, the less you seem to care. However, my way will work 90% of the time with 90% of women, so it’s the much safer option.)

That caffeine must be kicking in because I just realized I wrote another novel. Let me wrap things up by saying this…

I used to be super clumsy with the opposite sex. Terribly awful in every way.

But now I can choose nearly any woman I want and know for a fact that I can make her my girlfriend (provided that she’s emotionally available and is open to spending time with me).

I’m far from being a complete moron, but I’m also no rocket scientist. If I can learn how to do this, ANYONE can.

And there’s nothing that makes me happier than helping another man achieve the same level of success. I truly want you to have what I have.

But I can’t help the guys who refuse to study and practice, or are too scared to put themselves out there. Men like this will be much happier self-medicating with netflix, por-n, and craft beer.

But for everyone else, I’ll happily teach you everything I know. And you can start drinking from the river of knowledge right here:

>>>Make Women Go Googly-Eyed For You Like Cookie Monster

Talk soon,


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