Why “reverse-weaponizing” female tears is considered a war crime

If you missed Wednesday’s email about “weaponizing a woman’s tears,” then maybe it was for the best.

Most guys just can’t stomach the raw, honest truth I’ve been sharing about female emotions (and hidden desires), along with what it takes to make women obsess over you – truths that took me DECADES to uncover and figure out how to properly utilize for my benefit.

And while I’m sure many of my readers were shocked by my latest admission, it seems that at least one of our astute members had the good fortune to stumble across this secret on his own…


“Jay, What a great email man. It packs quite a punch! I can relate this to some of my own experiences of transitioning my girl from a very tearful, emotional state straight into a place of being highly se-xually aroused and desperately wanting me inside her. The se-x that follows can be deeply intense & intimate. It’s like I’ve penetrated the inner core of her being and she completely surrenders herself to me when she’s been in this emotional state.

I therefore discovered that I can take advantage when she turns on the waterworks, so rather than feeling like a helpless idiot or just giving her a cuddle, I can manipulate the situation by deliberately speaking tenderly into her ear while stroking & caressing her, slowly awakening her se-xual desire. However, I want to learn more and take this a LOT further!!! I feel I’ve only scratched the surface which is why I subscribe to your very informative posts. Loving the lockdown analogy and the political incorrectness running through the core of these posts.” – Rod


99.99% of men (who aren’t my students) don’t realize that any strong emotion will induce a trance state.

In other words, when a woman starts crying, she becomes extremely suggestible and amenable to your influence (even more so when this happens in the bedroom).

Consider this a vulnerability in the female operating system that permits an experienced hacker to implant his malicious (and lubricious) code deep inside his girl’s system32 folder.

It also allows a skilled operator to, not only neutralize one of her most powerful weapons of manipulation, but also effortlessly breach her heart’s innermost defenses.

Might we call this “reverse-weaponization of a woman’s waterworks”?

And perhaps this is why men have been conditioned since birth to drop to our knees in pacification whenever a female displays even the slightest signs of ocular moisture.

It’s no surprise that the radical feminists want us all disarmed, since a world-wide realization of this exploit would instantly put an end to the “war of the sexes” and allow men to unimpededly usher in a New World Order of their choosing.

In fact, I’d bet my pink pussyhat that anyone who scrutinizes Common Article #3 of the Geneva Convention would find this hypnotic tactic classified as a war crime.

But as long as you promise not to publicize it, I’ll grant you judicial permission to use my favorite weapon of mass induction to make the women in your life lay down their M4’s and surrender to your majestic grace and God-like power.

Again, keep all of these tactics to yourself and NEVER explain to your girl what you’re doing, under any circumstances. Everyone gets disappointed when a magician reveals his trade secrets.

(And what’s up with all these run-on sentences today? This new bag of Black Rifle Coffee must be hitting me hard.)

Here’s another Mindvana member who was shocked at how effortlessly he’s been wielding his newfound powers…


“Jay – Can’t wait for the falling in love blueprint! Last night my Brazilian beauty told me that I have a power over her. She is actually afraid of me. That i am getting her to do things, she never has done, things she never dreamed of. That her friends wouldn’t believe it. That she can’t believe how much she enjoyed being tied to the bed and blindfolded as we had se-x. The crazy thing? It was all done using Mindvana over texts. Her repeated o-gasms, the S & M (used your 50 shades model), everything. WTF Jay?” – Jim


Jim’s having massive success because he’s doing exactly what I teach in Mindvana. Simple as that.

He also pays close attention to every email I send out, since it was only a few short weeks ago when I explained how the Mindvana principles can easily be incorporated into text conversations.

And since he has the BALLS to use this stuff unapologetically, he was easily persuaded to run some simple experiments – experiments which produced some impressive results.

Now, to get Mindvana working well over text chats, you’ll usually need to do some conditioning, beforehand.

But with a good hypnotic subject, you can jump right into “Mindvana se-xting” without ever formally hypnotizing them. Some women just “get it” instantly.

So how will you know in advance if your girl is one of the ultra-talented ones? Unfortunately, there’s no way to be 100% sure, which is why I recommend testing it out on every girl you’re speaking to.

Thankfully, regardless of how hypnotically gifted a woman may or may not be, the Mindvana Method still works on ALL of them. They’re literally starving for it and would do almost anything for a taste of your yummy hypnotic goodness.

So go inform every hungry hottie in town that the doors of your soup kitchen are always open. Pull them close, hold the spoon up to their lips, and make them drink deeply of your salty broth.

Tantalize their delicate palates and they’ll start craving you like cheesecake.

And when you’re ready to give women the ultimate in emotional nutrition, you can find my big book of recipes right here:

>>>Learn to nourish a woman’s soul and make her worship the ground you walk on

P.S. Yoga girl just cooked me up two pots of borscht and fed me a sampling of 6 different deserts (hence all the food metaphors). Her own brand of mind-control is most certainly Mindvana-tier.

Will my alarm bells soon be replaced by wedding bells? Stay tuned…


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