The naughty meditation that makes you irresistibly attractive to beautiful girls

At least once a day, someone will ask me for tips on how to be more attractive to women.

Unfortunately, most of these guys are looking for the subliminals, paraliminals, and hypno-peripherals which will do all the heavy lifting for them, transforming them into the ultimate ladies man after just 30 days of passive listening.

Sure, you can use these kinds of tracks to assist your transformation, but you’d be better served by making your own self-hypnosis track using the material from my Seduction Mastery Coaching program. (It was never formally released, but Mindvana Gold members can access these videos in the Mindvana bonus section on Teachable).

However, when it comes to learning how to become an attractive man that beautiful women go gaga over, there’s no substitute for working 1-on-1 with an experienced dating/seduction coach.

Here’s a much better question…


“Jay, I have used a little of your training with my GF who is thousands of miles away but yesterday she said she really is missing me and is going crazy in the head for me and just can’t help it. Is it possible for you to give us any solid ideas for how to drive our distant GFs crazy for us to keep the interest alive?”


As much as I dislike long distance relationships, you’d better believe I have a massive medley of LDR tactics in my toolkit.

One of the most important ones comes straight from the Mindvana playbook. My yoga girl (who’s very experienced with guided meditations) refers to it as “guided masturbation.”

Mindvana members can most likely figure out how to do this from watching my videos, but I plan on including it in my falling-in-love protocol (if I ever get around to it).

Ideally, you should lead her through this process when she’s lying in bed about to go to sleep (be sure to layer in lots of Mindvana-esque suggestions and commands, all throughout).

Another tip is to give them a task to do earlier in the day, so you can use the naughty hypnosis as their reward.

(Giving assignments is another important stand-alone tactic for LDR’s. You should give them at least one task to do for you each week {daily, if they’re not currently working}, and reward their efforts upon competition.)

It’s also important to plan your trips at least a couple weeks in advance so the excitement can slow-boil (no last-minute flights). Once the plane ticket has been purchased, you’ll start cranking up the excitement (with Mindvana patterns) until she’s frantically counting down the minutes until she gets to jump on top of you.

I also make time to speak to them before bed (about 5 times a week). Nothing special here… just let them tell you about their day, how they’ve been feeling, how much they miss you, etc.

Doing this early-on in the dating process makes them feel like they’re already your girlfriend (which is useful if you’re looking to make them fall in love). Just make sure you’re not always available so they have time to miss you.

Here’s a quick update from Jim, who’s been drowning in Brazilians. Apparently, Mindvana has been causing nothing but problems for him…


“Jay, Mindvana has definitely created an issue because there are TWO Brazilian beauties (one is a fashion model and the other a tango dancing tax attorney) and each are jealous that I don’t spend time with only them. Both would make Maxim’s hot woman list. Any advice on how to manage?”


To which I replied, “My apologies, Jim. Two hot-blooded Latinas fighting over you often leads to high blood pressure. On the bright side, I would certainly refer to this as a ‘high-quality problem.’”


“Jay no shit, you have improved my problems. The jealous one had se-x with me online today. Told me to put her on all fours, and fu*k her without mercy while I pulled her hair. And when we finished, she said she knew I was a freak. Wait, I’M the freak here???”


A “freak,” huh? That must have hit you right in the feels.

Females love to deny any and all responsibility for their se-xual proclivities. Just nod shamefully while replying, “Yes, dear. I’m am insatiable perv with a sadistic streak. Come help rehabilitate me.”

While Jim is already well-versed with guided masturbations, he needs a wee bit of help with his juggling skills.

So I asked Mindvana seminar-circuit celebrity, fellow pu88y-whisperer, and resident 3-some expert, Doc John, to prescribe a remedy for Jim’s life-threatening conundrum.


“My first thought? He should set up a threesome asap. lol Seriously though, when girls are hot they have choices. They will always have satellite men. If he doesn’t want to deal with any drama, he should just be the best thing they ever had and then cut one of them loose. The one he dumps might come back in the future like a revolving door between disappointing guys she dates. Personally, I would keep sleeping with both of them until one finally dropped an ultimatum.” – Doc John


Solid advice. If Jim just recently started seeing these girls, then there’s no need to do anything. As much as women bitch and moan about it, you’d better believe they enjoy competing against each other for a high-quality man.

The first step is to dismiss their whining whenever it comes up (without discussing things logically). “Agree and amplify” works well here.

“Yes, I’m seeing hundreds of other girls, but they all just pretend to love me. The truth is they’re all just using me for my sexy bod. I hope you’re different and see me as more than just a piece of meat.”

Make her laugh, tell her how much you enjoy spending time with her, and then get off the subject. This conveys you’re not going to change for her, but you’re also not gonna throw things in her face to make her feel insecure.

Regarding stoking competition, I recommend giving each of them a roadmap for “winning the game.” Then wait to see who steps up the most.

Explain that they’re already giving you something that no other woman brings to the table (come up with something legit – don’t lie), which helps them feel like they have a solid chance of locking you down (we call this “qualification”). Then start making additional requests (small favors, se-xual acts, etc.).

Do this correctly and a 3-some might materialize soon enough.

Enjoy your birthday, Jim, and godspeed to you, sir.

For anyone else who’s interested in having their life ruined by jealous Brazilian bedroom-freaks, you can start planning your own demise right here:

>>>Make Women Fight To The Death For Your Lovin’

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Ciao for now.


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