Women want to use you for one thing only

Go hide your wallet and your watch collection, because I’m about to swoop in like a thief in the night and deliver some truthiness that might just save you a small fortune in emotional pain (and legal fees).

The absolute most important thing you can offer an attractive woman, hands-down, is great se-x.

She can get friendship, money, trips, jewelry, and intimacy from almost anyone. But very few men can deliver the kind of se-x she’s desperately searching for.

Look… girls are straight-up pervs. They’re horn-y all day long and think about se-x constantly.

The canard “all men only want one thing” was made up by women to put the blame elsewhere and make it less likely they’ll be socially shamed when they eventually “give in.”

“Ooops. It just happened. Not my fault. He kept pushing for it and feeding me drinks. Se-x is yucky. I’m innocent!”

Don’t fall for it.

If you want to see what unconstrained female rage looks like, get a woman naked and frothing with lust. Then tell her to put her clothes back on because you’re just not “feeling it.”

(Make sure there’s nothing valuable within grabbing distance.)

They’re all se-x junkies. Way worse than men are.

I would argue that “finding a girl to take care of” is almost just as strong a male drive as “knocking up anything that moves.”

Whereas a woman’s drive to get knocked up by an alpha male supersedes everything else.
Her next strongest drive is “finding someone to take care of my baby and I.”

Notice I didn’t say “getting the father to stick around.” Lots of single mommies out there.

And this is one reason why society needs certain “rules” in place to keep things in cohesion.

As the restrictions governing female sexuality begin to be lifted, things quickly start falling apart, since family is the bedrock of every stable society.

If you haven’t noticed, women no longer need your money or protection, and they no longer have to worry about religious guilt or societal shame when it comes to waking up one day and thinking “I deserve better.”

When they reach this point, you’d be shocked at the lengths they’ll go through to convince everyone around them that YOU were the problem and they had no choice but to pack up and peace out.

Many will have no qualms about pegging you as an abuser so they can play the victim card and rack up precious sympathy points from their social circle.

But this doesn’t just happen out of the blue.

No matter how many rules and restrictions get torn down, one of them will always remain, solid and stable, until the end of time. And that is:

The second your woman stops wanting sex from you, she’ll start plotting to destroy your life.

I may be exaggerating a bit. It’s not always THAT extreme.

But it’s certainly helpful to act like it is and prepare for the worst.

Because even the sweetest angel who goes to church 5x a week is still governed by her primal female nature.

So unless you plan on donning the robes of the priesthood, it might be useful to learn how to make women feel things they’ve never felt before and get them hooked on se-x with you and you alone. It just might help you stave off an absolute disaster.

And you can pick up your relationship insurance policy right here:

>>>A woman’s loyalty is 100% conditional, but you can learn how to condition it in by giving her what she’s starved for

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