When Satan’s little helper has you by the balls

Yesterday’s email about unchained female hypergamy seemed to resonate with a lot of you.


“I had this happen to me. I’ve never been the same since my divorce.” – Carl

“Have a feeling a lot of dads are raising kids that aren’t theirs. But they have no idea.” – Bobby

“exwife takes me to court every few months. Keeps saying I hit my kids. Social services has come by dozens of time and always takes my side. But she doesn’t stop.” – Meyer

“After my divorce the ex-wife convinced everyone I was “mr. abuse.” Still have family members who refuse to speak to me, years later.” – Clem

“Hi Jay Truer words have never been spoken by any man. 46% of women actually admit to cheating on their husbands but I would bet my life the true figure is much higher.

We are not talking about women who are badly treated or left alone here either. these women were in marriages made in heaven. Se-x in their words was fantastic with their husbands but still they needed more. Their words not mine.

What you said in your letter was exactly why they will just have se-x with anyone and everyone when it suits them and then use the excuse they didn’t know what came over them and try everything to get their partner to forgive them when caught.

It’s being proven true that women are not marrying men for love anymore but for security, then they will get knocked up by some other one of choice and fob the child off as their husbands where possible.

I know women are more traitorous than any wild animal or male of the human species. They have very little remorse about their actions when it suits them. That’s why Satan mostly uses women to seduce men to the dark side.

I do believe in love but with preparedness to expect anything. Women live in fantasy land and don’t realize once the fantasy becomes real it just doesn’t work like they thought it would.” – John


It’s a dangerous game so prepare for the worst and be ready for anything.

And if you’re gonna play, you might as well play to win. So remember this…

Even with all the tactics Mindvana will teach you, proper mate selection is still the #1 predictor of a successful relationship.

All women have it in them to act like feral animals. The difference is that the house cat will bite, scratch, and occasionally sh*t in your bed (like Johnny Depp’s ex), whereas the tiger will happily disembowel you in your sleep and enjoy a side of breakfast sausage with her pancakes.

This is why I encourage everyone to study up on personality disorders (narcissism, borderline, histrionic, etc.) so you can quickly spot the telltale signs of impending doom.

A great example from literary history is Lady de Winter from Dumas’ “Three Musketeers.”

Lots of de Winter clones running around out there. Avoid them at all costs.

Remember, when you see an Agent in the Matrix, you turn around and you RUN.

(Even Neo would get his nuts crushed by a Borderline.)

But here’s the good news: with a little preparation (and a solid set of skills in your toolbelt), you can get the bulk of Satan’s little helpers to put down the apple and pick up the bible.

Nah, I’m full of sh*t. That’ll never happen.

But you can at least get them to dress up like Catholic school girls.

“Spank me, Daddy, because I’m about to sin.”

All women are looking for someone to dish out preemptive punishment while shepherding them through the valley of darkness.

And you can become the most righteous man for the job, right here:

>>>Make all the neighborhood strays purr like baby kittens with my hybrid strain of weaponized catnip

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