A wise prophet’s approach to managing relationship chaos

I explained yesterday how a woman’s emotional state can thwart your best persuasion attempts, along with the importance of letting her anger dissipate before trying to work out your issues.

For most women, their emotions completely shape their perception of reality in a way that most men have trouble understanding.

As one female relationship coach put it, “Women can’t act counter to their feelings, therefore they are incapable of having honor the way a man can. How they feel at any given moment determines the “correct” behavior in that moment.”

The example she gives is that a woman would have no qualms about letting a tiger eat her best friend if she were feeling “bad” about her in that moment.


Additionally, when a woman is feeling bad, she’s likely to believe everything in her life is going badly. Therefore, one of the most useful things I teach my female clients is how to view a negative emotion like a “check engine light” on a car’s dashboard.

It’s a warning that there MAY be something wrong with the situation. So she should investigate further without jumping to erroneous conclusions.

Once she understands this, she’ll be less likely to construct a negative story about the uncomfortable situation and simply wait for the feeling to dissipate so she can think clearly again.

But since most ladies lack this understanding, this unfortunate quirk of female nature is something you should be very concerned about, especially if you desire to have a successful long-term relationship or (gulp) marriage.

It was the wise prophet, Edward Murphy, who shed light on the insidious and destructive “what have you done for me lately” phenomenon and how it dooms women to a life of near-permanent dissatisfaction.

In my humble opinion, the most important thing you can do for your woman is give her frequent doses of good feelings, along with intense se-xual experiences.

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Ciao for now.

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