My late night naked frame battle

I took a vacation last week which was incredibly incident-laden, to say the least. I plan on doing a full write-up because I have many lessons to share.

Let’s start with Sunday night’s shitshow starring a beautiful 23-year-old Latina we’ll call “Chica Celosa Loca.”

As we were lying next to each other in bed after 4 hours of checkers and bible study, she gazed at me with loving eyes and popped the question:

“Baby, you see other girls this week? Besides me?”

Much like the incident I wrote about last time (on the plane), it was obvious that being completely honest would lead to imminent disaster.

But I decided to tell her the truth – partly because I don’t like to lie and partly because it was an opportunity to use a tactic I teach in my Seduction Mastery program.

“Yes, babe. 20 girls wanted to meet me this week, so I hung out with a few others besides you.”

And that’s when I was gifted complimentary admission to a late-night naked frame battle.

“You did not say me! You lie me!”

As she was losing her mind, I calmly explained that she had nothing to be jealous about since I wasn’t interested in seeing any of the others again (not to mention I had just met Chica Celosa a few days earlier).

But I might as well have admitted to sleeping with her best friend.

Now, I could have easily avoided the entire disaster had I just kept my mouth shut. But just like how “coffee is for closers,” lying is for amateurs.

In other words, lying is easy. But telling the truth and holding your frame takes balls of steel.

Whenever 2 frames collide, the weaker one gets shattered into pieces. And this is why each one of yours needs to be solidly reinforced with adamantium.

Essentially, you need to stay calm and avoid getting defensive, while refusing to back down from your position.

“You’re overreacting, my dear. I understand why you’re upset and I apologize if I hurt your feelings. But you have nothing to be jealous about. Come back to bed.”

But she wasn’t having any of it, so the battle continued.

Luckily, no laptops were smashed and no retaliation was sought. It was just 10 minutes of bitching and shit-testing, after which she got dressed and stormed out of my hotel room.

Pop quiz: what would most guys do in this situation? Promise to never again look in another girl’s direction? Run out after her and profess their undying love?

Just like with last week’s incident on the plane, the correct play was to resist the urge to chase after her even though I was flying home in the morning and wouldn’t get another chance to see her.

She continued to berate me me via text on her uber ride home, but I just ignored it all and went to sleep. And when I woke up the next morning to catch my flight, I saw this in my whatsapp feed:

“Very sorry for last night. I fkd up with my stupid jealousy. Please forgive me if it’s not too late.”

When a jealous girl with abandonment issues falls in love with you, you should expect many incidents like this. But once you understand how to handle their freakouts, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

In fact, you can use these intense bouts of emotion to help deepen their attraction and desire for you.

As I teach in the Seduction Mastery vids, every girl needs some occasional drama. And if you don’t dish some out in small doses, they’ll find a way to manufacture it themselves. (You don’t want that. Trust me.)

I’ll be sharing more of my adventures in Latina-Land over the next few days. Stay tuned…

Ciao for now.


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