Activating your God-like ability to manipulate physical reality

One of my secrets to perpetual happiness is my belief in a benevolent higher power that watches over me and always has my back.

Yes, it’s a bit solipsistic, but it’s a very useful belief to have.

Over the years I’ve compiled a tremendous amount of evidence that this is actually a very real phenomenon and not just some nonsense I tell myself.

Amazing things continue to happen to me, seemingly at random, as I find myself effortlessly dodging bullet after bullet that flies my way.

“Luck” is one thing, and I’m a pretty lucky bastard. But I’d have to chalk up this kind of track record to divine intervention.

And while it’s certainly possible that I’m deluding myself and none of this is actually “real” in a tangible sense, I can assure you that it will become real for YOU as soon as you convince yourself that you’re also plugged in to the same source of effortless abundance.

Here’s how I do it…

I first start with the belief that the universe is cyclical, which means that we’ll be forced to experience both “positive” and “negative” events. There’s no way around this so you shouldn’t expect things to always go smoothly.

But what if “negative events” aren’t just there to make our lives miserable? What if they’re actually serving a useful purpose that we’re unaware of as they’re happening?

And what if everything in your life is unfolding perfectly in order to bring you exactly what you want, while teaching you valuable lessons along the way?

While not everything will turn out the way you want (or expect), you’ll still be getting exactly what you need, in the end.

And this is because God is constantly stepping in and affecting the outcome of certain events. He’s got your back, whether you know it or not.

So… if this is the case, then there’s no need to worry about anything. In fact, instead of bitching and moaning about your circumstances, you’ll start looking for all the ways that each uncomfortable situation is actually BENEFITING you.

For example, if a girl I’m talking to randomly flakes on me, my first thought is usually, “well, this sucks.”

But my next thought will look something like this:

“You know, if I stayed with her long term, there’s a good chance she would have drove me absolutely nuts before she eventually cheated on me, divorced me, stole all my money, kidnapped my future children, and defecated in my bed on the way out.” (poor Johnny Depp)

Looks like I dodged a bullet with that one. Thanks, God!

When you really believe the universe has your back and everything always works out in your favor, your expectations about the future will start to change, which will positively affect the way you’ll think, feel, and behave in various situations.

And when things seem to be going horribly wrong, you’ll be able to take a step back and wonder if perhaps you’re being forced to take a detour because the road you’re on is about to lead you off a cliff.

Divine intervention is all around you. Start looking for it and you’ll see it everywhere.

More tips coming tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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