The transformational power of 5 sadistic buddies and a bucket of ice

I explained yesterday how believing in a benevolent higher power will not only crank up your happiness levels, but will actually lead to life improvements in all areas.

And you can fast track this process by giving up the habit of complaining.

Bitching and moaning about our current circumstances is a terrible habit that needs to be purged. But it’s not so easy to pull off, considering that most of us are oblivious to how often we indulge.

One way to get this under control is by first training yourself to notice the patterns of others.

Whenever someone you’re talking to goes off on a rant, you’ll want to instantly become aware of it, while resisting the natural urge to join in. You can empathize, but don’t get let yourself get sucked into their whinefest.

This practice will make you better at noticing your own tendencies to complain. And the faster you become aware of them, the faster you can shut them down.

Simple as that.

But if you prefer black diamonds over bunny hills, feel free to implement a more “extreme” method.

I remember the RSD guys (Real Social Dynamics) would compete against each other in a “30-day no-negativity challenge” that was no-holds-barred brutal.

The objective was to go 30 days straight without complaining about anything. And if you slipped up, your counter would reset back to zero.

You’d also have to sidestep multiple booby traps along the way.

For example, while fast asleep at 4am, someone might decide to wake you up by dumping a bucket of ice water on your head.

And if you made the grave mistake of cursing out the perpetrator?

“Wait, are you… COMPLAINING?!?! Back to ZERO, mothafuukah!”

There’s no better motivational tool than extreme emotional and physical abuse. But you don’t need to be chained up in an empty room next to a rusty hacksaw to get the job done.

Just pay close attention to your thoughts, moods, and behaviors and you’ll be well on your way.

Once you give up complaining, it becomes much easier to find the positives in every seemingly negative situation. And that’s when your God-like powers will start to emerge.

More coming tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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