How to swim like a shark through a tsunami of problems

Here’s a quick piece of advice that will help keep your stress levels under control.

You have to train yourself to be completely comfortable with being up to your ears in seemingly unsolvable problems.

There’s a program in our minds that keeps us focused on our issues, problems, and challenges, pumping us full of stress chemicals until they’re finally resolved.

And no matter how many of them we might solve, it allows us to relax for maybe a day or two before reminding us of the other 50 that desperately require our attention.

Even if you’re lucky enough to somehow solve all of them, it’ll then have you worrying about possible future catastrophes until you’re walking up every morning covered in cold sweat.

You can’t win this game. And if you try to play by the old rules, you’ll end up trapped in a perpetual state of anxiety.

But you can free yourself from this cycle with the understanding that problems don’t need to be solved in order for you to be happy.

In fact, you can learn how to create a bubble of Zen that always surrounds you, no matter how many areas of your life seem to be falling apart.

Interestingly enough, when you don’t NEED your problems to be resolved in order to be happy, you’ll be much more likely to find solutions to the ones that seem insurmountable.

“Sounds like a plan. How do we make it happen?”

You have to update that program in your mind that’s been tormenting you your entire life.

I mentioned a few ways to do so in last week’s emails. And I have some more tips coming in the next few days.


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