An easy mindset shift that recaptures lost productivity

I have a quick productivity lesson for you today courtesy of my schedule which just got straight bananas.

I rarely use dating apps, but I plan on traveling next week and would like to have some girls lined up for my trip.

I think it was Aristotle who said: “Knowing that women will suck all of your time and murder your productivity is the beginning of true wisdom.”

Smart man, that Aristotle.

Now, as I’m sure you know, when you get caught up in dozens of different text convos and start neglecting your work, your to-do list starts piling up and panic starts to set in.

What happens next is that you end up in a state of low-level anxiety which wrecks your mood and makes it more difficult to concentrate.

Sure, you’ll still get your work done but you’ll be miserable all day, feeling like you’re racing against the clock and losing badly.

The only real solution to this never-ending problem is to simply stop caring.

Anyone who’s successful in life has a million items on their to-do list. And the second you knock off 10 items, another 20 appear. Since you can’t ever win this game, start training yourself to be emotionally unaffected by it.

Next, instead of focusing on bringing that list down to zero, start with the most important task and tell yourself “this is the only thing I need to do today.” Then focus on that one task as if nothing else exists.

Convincing yourself there’s only 1 thing to do will help keep you calm and focused while massively improving your work output.

Once you finish this task, you’ll move on to the second most important task with the same tunnel vision.

The key is to stay calm and relaxed whether you have 5 or 500 tasks left to complete.

And when it comes to longer, ongoing tasks without solid deadlines (like learning hypnosis, for example), I suggest allocating a small portion of your day to each one, regardless of how busy you might be.

When I first started learning hypnosis, I made sure to spend a minimum of 20min every day (either reading a few chapters of a book or watching a portion of a training video), no matter how busy I was.

Replace “I’ll start next month when things calm down,” with “I’m slammed today so I’ll only read for 20min instead of an hour.”

All of those 20min blocks start to add up fast.

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