How to drink from the fire hose of unlimited abundance

As I mentioned last week, I made the mistake of opening up the faucet on my lead generation machine.

I’m now texting 10 new girls, along with a collection of cam girls, porn stars and other assorted prostitutes interested in participating in the next Mindvana project (if my lazy ass ever starts working on it).

And strangely enough, I met another sexy, blonde, Russian yoga teacher from Miami (with the same name as my Russian yoga girl) who might be coming to visit next week. A near identical match.

Whenever I forget I’m living in a computer simulation, the system reboots to refresh my memory.

So yeah, I’m losing a big chunk of my day communicating with females. But that’s a necessary part of the process when you’re running your dating life like a business.

A smart business owner will first focus on pulling in as many high-quality leads as they can, and then work on converting them into customers. If they’re really sharp, they’ll start curating their customers and banning certain people from doing business with them, the same way you’d banish a bratty girl from your life.

I’ve never regretted banning an LHF customer who acted like a jackass, the same way I’ve never regretted tossing a misbehaving miss into the discard pile.

One of the keys to incredible abundance in all areas, is a complete lack of neediness.

For instance, the salesman who doesn’t need the money will often make plenty of sales, the guy who doesn’t need to get laid will typically attract tons of girls, and the cult leader who has no desire for a flock of disciples will require a reservoir to hold all his Kool-Aid.

When I’m conducting my complimentary coaching sessions, if I feel that the potential client isn’t incredibly enthusiastic about working together, I’ll go ahead and refer them out to someone else. (Truth be told, I sometimes hope the person decides NOT to sign up so I can have more free time to myself.)

Your principles need to be more important than money, women, and anything else life can offer you. And once you allow yourself to be guided by your principles, you’ll start effortlessly attracting the things that matter most to you.

Neediness repels. Needlessness attracts.

But needlessness isn’t something you can fake. And while it’s easy to project it when you’re experiencing actual abundance, it’s extremely challenging to do so when you’re suffering through a drought.

Neediness results from the belief that you need a certain “thing” (object, person, accomplishment, etc.) to feel the way you want to feel. But this couldn’t be further than the truth.

If anything, the second you get whatever it is you want, you’ll feel happy for a short time before the discomfort rushes back in and you’re off chasing the next shiny object.

Speaking to you as someone who’s achieved most of his life goals, I can assure you that this is the case.

It never feels like it’s enough.

Most people spend their entire lives on this merry-go-round and never find what they’re truly looking for.

The path off the merry-go-round starts with learning how to generate good feelings from within. (A lesson for another day.)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with actively seeking out things you believe will add joy to your life, like beautiful women. And when you’re able to project a lack of neediness, you’ll have a much easier time attracting and seducing them.

Additionally, when you know how to give women the Mindvana experience, you’ll find that women start actively pursuing YOU. And you can rest assured that Mindvana works on ALL women, from the church girls to the cam girls.

No matter what the girl’s ho hustle might be, she won’t be able to get enough of the experience that only YOU can deliver.

And you can learn how to become the sexy, needless lothario who can give women what they truly crave right here:


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