Would you like to learn these tactics?

I took an online workshop a couple weeks back and it changed my mind about a few things.

I was originally against the idea of hosting online workshops, but after seeing how smoothly it went due to some zoom features I wasn’t aware of (like pins and breakout rooms), I’m now considering putting together some classes if there’s enough interest.

So let me know if you’d be interested in taking an online class, along with what you’re most interested in learning.

I put together a short list of possible topics, so just reply to this email and copy/paste the ones you’re most interested in. Feel free to write-in a topic that’s not on the list.


Hypnotic o-gasms

The unreleased Mindvana 2.0 enhancements

Conversational hypnosis for persuasion/sales

Therapeutic methods for resolving almost any issue

Personal development (confidence, motivation, mindset, etc.)

Dating/relationship/seduction advice

How to run your own Mindvana projects and start dating model-quality women


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