Astute student unmasks goofy guru’s unethically-embedded hypnotic emails

I’m often asked if it’s possible to hypnotize someone via email. And before I answer, I always ask the person to share their definition of hypnosis.

Because if they think hypnosis is all about getting their buddy to stand up in a crowded restaurant, belt out a few bars of “I wanna dance with somebody,” and then have complete amnesia for their impromptu performance, I would say you’re gonna have a tough time pulling that off with just your iPhone.

But if you consider hypnosis to be a set of tools which allows you to first capture someone’s attention so you can implant ideas and suggestions that are likely to be acted upon at some point in the future, then one of our members would tell you that this is absolutely possible.

In fact, he just accused little ol’ me of embedding hidden ideas and sneaky suggestions throughout my daily emails (a crime punishable by death in some states), and now feels compelled to shine a light on my twisted practices to help protect others from my abusive (and potentially illegal) manipulation tactics…


“Jay, the other day I noticed something really interesting in your e-mails that you send out. At first I felt like you feel when you are really curious to find out more because a pattern seemed to form. I felt quite excited like when you do when you find that you seem to have missed something. These emails have quite a special form.

First the catchy title that is totally not there to make you want to find out more about this email of course. Then you start with a personal anecdote or story or a citation of one of your customers to find common ground with the reader or to “break the ice” so to speak. And this in such a way that we can just feel comfortable and absolutely trust these words.

Then you deconstruct the story by first presenting your main thesis: That women have hidden and secret desires that a man with the right kind of masculinity can trigger. This already elicits the simple question if you will teach me the whole system; which (to delay gratification, as I learned in one of the last emails) is only somewhat answered with the link at the end of the mail.

Then there is one little piece of methodological advice, embedded in a sentence structure where you already think wow this mindvana thing is my problem-solver because it will empower me. Then comes that big disclaimer that you link to the emotional ego feeling that we all have so we are challenged to either say no to our ego (=capability, willingness and determination to learn the techniques) or to accept that we will put the work into it.

The whole email is a brilliant piece of marketing because it gives the future customers feelings of comfort and curiosity, fast and easy answers to common objections and intriguing bits of information that is apparently linked to the course as an “exclusive preview”.

And now comes the great thing for the people that read these emails: As a reader of your emails, when you read such fantastic emails you will inevitably feel a deep appreciation for such great linguistical versatility. You also may even find that you will want to search all the past emails for the sneaky and clever principles that people will subconsciously interpret.

Anyway, that’s all there is… for now.” -Jusokacaveje


That’s a pretty good analysis, overall. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to embed hypnotic principles in your emails. Just consider it to be “persuasion in print.”

If you’re interested in learning this skill, you can start by studying the structure of the fr-ee emails I do my best to send out on a daily basis, possibly even searching through all the past emails I’ve posted up on the LHF blog, in order to mine some choice persuasion nuggets (as Jusokacaveje has not-so-sneakily suggested).

But the best thing about covert hypnosis is that it’s EASY to be covert, even when face-to-face with your intended target.

And if you’re even more interested in learning how to covertly hypnotize beautiful girls and make them feel absolutely amazing (while cloaking everything you do as a “meditation exercise”), then you can learn this super sneaky skill by clicking the sneaky link below…

>>>Learn to covertly hypnotize women in such a blatantly overt way that you’ll chuckle to yourself in astonished amazement at just how easy it is to sneak in under the radar to deliver shivers of erotic pleasure to a plethora of grateful ladies

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