The one thing that all Casanovas and Cult Leaders realize about women

One of our members has some advice for the guy I wrote about a few days ago…


“Hi Jay, You know most men me included for a long time don’t realize that s-ex comes mostly from the mind that’s why Mindvana works so well. If people were listening to what you say and understanding that, they would realize that all the Casanovas and the leaders of cults are using mind control of one sort or another.

The guy having trouble with his GF may possibly not be the right person for her because she may not have er-otic feelings for him but maybe it’s because of insecurities within herself.

He needs to learn Mindvana to help her to feel secure within herself first then he will see how she changes. He also is very insecure himself, so leaning Mindvana would also help him.

Many things affect women where s-ex is concerned including taking birth control tablets. I had a really quiet, beautiful girl years ago who turned into a real monster, angry, spiteful, a cheater.

It was soul destroying, but now a lifetime later I have realized after seeing the same thing happen many times that these pills affect the normal function of the body causing all sorts of destruction.

Plus all the hormonal crap they are adding to our foods and drinks, it’s no wonder we have women acting like men and men becoming women. I tell you this is one messed up world.” -John


Good points. Yes, hormonal birth control can be extremely dangerous in many ways, sometimes even dramatically reducing a woman’s se-x drive.

Some women handle it well, but I never wanted to take the chance, so I refused to allow any of my girlfriends to go near it.

At the risk of having the feminists burn me in effigy on my front lawn, I need to remind that you that it’s vitally important to positively influence the behavior of the women in your life.

And by “positively influence” I’m referring to shaping their behavior in positive ways, such as helping them install healthy eating habits, avoiding dangerous medications (birth control, benzos, etc.), and training them to give you masterful performances in the bedroom.

In fact, I included an entire lesson on exactly how to do all of this in the bonus section of Mindvana Gold.

Realize that the media is programming your girlfriend/wife non-stop and many of the ideas getting shoved into her head are incredibly destructive.

Thankfully, you’re a hypnotist who understands that the best way to inoculate your girl against garbage programming is through the installation of positive habits and beliefs that will legitimately make her life better and protect her from getting knocked off the tracks.

Put the good stuff in her head so the bad stuff won’t be able to take root. And to do so, you’ll have to be perfectly comfortable wielding your influence and power.

As a high value man, it’s vitally important to have high standards and expectations and understand that women would rather be with a man who demands the best from them, over someone who feels lucky just to have a female in his bed.

As to cheating, violent outbursts, and spiteful behavior, Mindvana (along with a steady diet of good se-x) will greatly minimize the chances of this happening.

But as I’ve said many times, there’s not much you can do if you’ve chosen a bad egg. So choose wisely.

And as John mentioned, one of the best ways to have more power and choice in your dating life is by blasting away your insecurities and learning how to make women feel empowered, secure, and eager to experiment with a charming rogue of a man who makes them feel things they’ve never felt before.

And if you’re interested in becoming the kind of non-conforming, diabolically-influential bastard that feminists love to roast over hot coals, then this link will make all your dreams come true…

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