How to avoid emotional devastation in 2 simple steps…

Yesterday’s email resonated with a bunch of guys…


(regarding getting charged with assault) “Exactly! “You don’t even have to slap them to get that one tossed on you!” – Marcus


“One time, a girl I was dating physically attacked me and then called the cops and told them I had hit HER. It was a nightmare.” -Stephan


This happens more often than you might think. Choose your women wisely.

John writes in about the current state of relationships in our crazy world…


“Hi Jay, yes society today is promoting that morals are not necessary hence a lot of women will marry a man who is secure because of a good job and caring attitude towards her but at the same time she will have no problem screwing around on him in secret yet still act like his true one and only love.

Now this is scary because the deceit and planning she will put into it all is beyond comprehension especially when she seems to be so loving at home.

The main problem being the longer she is having her affair the more attached emotionally she will get as that is how women seem to be made. That will then start to show in her treatment of her family.

After she screws up her family by getting caught (and she will get caught once hubby starts taking notice) the lover in most cases will dump her as he doesn’t want the responsibility of her. Oh he will screw her as long someone else is taking up the slack but once she is single it’s bye bye baby.

Most women just don’t seem to understand this even if explained clearly to them. Good marriages are destroyed not because from lack of forgiveness but because the most important of all, Trust, is completely shattered. You can’t trust someone who just stuck a knife in your heart when they got the chance.

I would never hit a woman though only to save a child as I have been in that situation and my conscience really still stings over the matter. Today women only believe in their own gratification, a lot of men too, and it’s leading us down the path of destruction.” – John


Absolutely. I think most guys are cluelessly unaware of how sneaky and devious some (if not ALL) women can be.

And this is one of the reasons I created Mindvana and the Loving Obsession Protocol. It’s foolish to think you’ll be able to completely control a woman’s behaviors, but it’s even more foolish to believe that a woman will stay loving and loyal just because you put a ring on her finger.

But when you can touch the deepest parts of her and give her the most incredible feelings she’s ever had, it’s unlikely that she’d do anything to risk losing you.

Nothing is 100% guaranteed and there’s still a possibility that she’ll cheat, divorce you, etc., but it would silly to not do everything in your power to mitigate this risk, especially if you plan on bringing the government into your relationship.

And the 2 best ways to do so are, first, choosing a girl based on her character (not her attractiveness), and then consistently blowing her mind in the bedroom. These are the 2 most important pieces of the loyalty puzzle, and they’re both skills which can be learned.

On a positive note, one of our members has realized that hypnosis is hidden all around us…


“I was getting back into this book I’ve been meaning to finish for a few months called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza… and HOLY SH*T, this dude is literally just teaching self-hypnosis to people with a ton of science info on top of it!!! (He’s also framing this as meditation as we do with Mindvana sessions). Isn’t that crazy?! I never would’ve known had it not been for learning this stuff. So wild” – A.J.

(A few months ago, I sent out a video of A.J. successfully demonstrating hypnotic phenomena in his 3rd ever hypnosis session. He’s a newbie but already a better hypnotist than Dispenza.)


Yes, hypnosis is everywhere and is being used to influence you every day, all day long. As Scott Adams likes to say, we’re just moist robots, after all, and wide open to being programmed without our consent.

And “guided meditation” is one of the easiest ways to sneak in under the radar, which is why we frame Mindvana sessions in this way, instead of bringing up the concept of hypnosis with our subjects.

(And this isn’t about being purposely sneaky because it works just as well, either way. This approach is less likely to trip any possible defenses, due to misunderstandings about hypnosis, negative past experiences, etc.)

At the very least, understanding this material will help you protect yourself from being negatively influenced. Not to mention, you’ll have a tremendous amount of power and choice in your life when your go from programmee to PROGRAMMER.

And my humble home study program will show you how…

>>>Protect yourself from unnecessary stress and heartache by learning how to program women to feel mind-blowing ecstasy while unleashing a lifetime of loving loyalty

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